Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Monday madness

Ok internet issues...this apparently didn't load.   Oops!!  So let's retry!!!

I am exhausted!   I have been since Saturday.   My legs feel heavy...they have been since Sunday.   Hmmm maybe I need a run!!

Ok, so I didn't get a run in on Sunday.  I woke up before the alarm.  I was wide awake so I flipped off the alarm and laid there checking my email.  I woke up one hour and forty five minutes later.  Ibary made it to my morning walk with sherry!  No worries...I will run on Monday morning!!!

 I got home and Todd and I set out for our day.   We hit up a few stores...the local flea market.  We did Mexican for lunch.

We visited a friend in the hospital.   We did a bit of pet sitting.

I made dinner.  And I organized the linen closet....threw unused or ratty stuff away and made it so neat!!!

I was totally on a roll...even though my body felt heavy and tired.   And then....boom....severe thunderstorm...again.   Crash, the house went dark.  Oh yes...again. It was still off in the the hour I had to run was instead used for the twenty minute (each way) drive to my parents to shower!  And of course breakfast out.

Lunch and dinner was 'out'also and I will freely admit that I chose poorly!!!

The power just came back on (no internet or cable yet) and it's cooling down.  Hopefully tomorrow I can run!!!


timothy said...

yep sometimes life "HAPPENS"
lmao and blogger simply hates me. it hasn't let me post pics or vids for months (I copy and paste the ones you see) and today it will let me look at any blog and comment but it wont let me write mine. GGGRRRRRRRRRR so much for blogging every day this year. ive been trying since 5am. cest le vie

Tiffany said...

It's just one of them days to be sure. Dust yourself off and go back at it girl.