Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I almost caved and skipped zumba tonight......almost!  It was hard.....so hard.  I just felt tired...my body felt tired. But you know what?  I went.  I did it.  I know that my energy level was a bit lower than normal, but I went and I made it through the hour.   Perserverence.

You see, I had a choice.   I made my choice.  

Weight loss is choice.  Everyday I have a choice to make in terms of my weight loss.  I have to chose if I am going to go to zumba.  I have to chose if I am going to eat cake or fruit.  I have to chose constantly.   I miss the innocence of eating what I want, where I want and when I want  That totally skews the choices we face. 

So often we get bogged down with all the choices.   It seems like we have so many different options available to us.  It is confusing, mind boggling and deters us from our true focus.   But in reality we have two choices...

1.  I can  hose to live life of obesity.  The habits and way I used to be led me into a lifestyle mired in obesity. I was lucky.  I have dodged a lot of obesity bullets.  But I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and I do have arthritis in my knees.  I consider that lucky for a girl that weighed in at over 300 pounds, it could have been and could be much much worse.   Obesity kills.  It kills physically.  It kills mentally.  It kills emotionally.    

2.  I can chose to live a life of health.  Health doesn't garauntee that I'll live a disease free life.  But it sure does give me a much better chance.  Being thin made me happier.  Being thin gave me energy.  Being thin sure did feel good.

So my choice is obesity or health.  Innocence or strict eating/exercise regimes.   It sounds crazy....why in the world would I chose the innocence because it heralds sadness and death!


timothy said...

and be proud because it is a choice and you chose YOU!

Tricia Coniglio said...

I agree with Timothy. What a proud accomplishment that you went and did it even though you did not want to!

I have wanted to try Zumba, how do you like it?