Sunday, October 06, 2013

bleh bleh bleh

Enough is enough!   That is all!  I'm tired of sitting on the fence. Life has walloped me each time I start to get it pulled together to start losing weight again...and this time I'm NOT LETTING IT HAPPEN!!!!!

Running WILL happen.   Weight loss WILL happen.  Zumba WILL happen.  

'Nuff said!


Isagenix said...

You go for it! Make this time be the ONE... Just keep going.

"If you keep going, you will get there"

Remind yourself of that when you slip and fall. Get back up and just leave it in the past knowing that today is a new day. Good luck!

The Fat Foreigner said...

yeah it will!

Darcy Winters said...

Fall down seven times --- get up eight!

You can do it!

Ms. M said...

I'm right there with ya. I've figured out I can't insist that it "all" be together or I'll never make progress... mostly together has to be good enough.

timothy said...