Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What do you want the most

I have an internal struggle going on.  I love food.  I love the textures and flavors. It's hard to curb that love.  It's difficult some days to say no to the cupcake.  It's  murder to decline the ice cream.  It's just plain no fun.     But the flip side is that I have a desire to be thin.  I want to be thin do badly.  I can remember the way I felt at my lower weight!  I loved that feeling.  I remember how I feel when I'm heathy and able to wear whatever clothes I want.  That's an awesome feeling.

So those two desires war within me.   I think it's time to chose the desire that shows that I love myself!!!!   It's time!!!

I will still indulge in those favorite foods on rare occasions.  I can still have them...just not often...and that will make them more special.

My weight is 215.5 this morning.  So yeah dropping that sodium weight!! 

By the way...I ran yesterday (ok jogged).  Felt hard but good!!   I had the unique experience of running up on a cow that was loose on the road.  I kept my eye on that hunk of beef and I passed on my way back home!!!!


Debsdailylife said...

You are so right!! I love my carbs too!!! I have a black hair band that I always have on my wrist (for those stupid hot flashes I sometimes get at work, AND Ive noticed my hot flashes are more frequent and harder when I eat carbs!!) When its not in my hair its on my wrist. AND I KNOW this sounds weird, but, every time I crave a carb or sweet I have to use my hands to get it, and I see this hair band, and it makes me rethink, DO I REALLY WANT THIS? Somtimes that answer is YES! But most often the answer is NO.

Anonymous said...

Ahh the war we all seem to have. I'm so jealous of people do don't have to worry about the struggle. Like you MaryFran I've got to decide what I want more...the cakes or the thin butt!!

Jessica said...

I have never encountered cows roaming free on a run, but I have had a few donkeys on the road. haha Scared me to death :)

timothy said...

I am a carb addict I simply have to avoid them or the voice wins and my body looses!
mayhaps we should use that anti-smoking technique (debsdailylife reminded me) and put a rubber band on out wrist and pop it every time we want carbs. that way subconsciously we associate pain with carbs.