Thursday, May 30, 2013


Drat but I hate excuses! I'm finding that I have no tolerance for excuses of late.  I hear the excuses why people can't exercise.  Some of the excuses are nuts too. Stuff like,  'My big toe has  a pimple on it so I won't be able to exercise for the next five days.'  and I just want to say 'so?'  Ok maybe the excuses are not as far fetched as that...but it sure feels like it.     Excuses have no place in my vocabulary. 

My spiel about excuses said, I'm struggling.  I ran yesterday morning and had a phenomenal run.  Seriously...I ran faster longer and more consistently than ever before.  I amazed myself.  (And ironically my original thought process for today's blog was to talk about how amazing our bodies are and how our bodies can do things that stun us if we only try....but I digress).  I went to work and my legs tingled throughout the day.  I could feel the muscles.  That's ok.  I'm not stupid enough to think it isn't going to hurt.  But my feet just ACHE.  My bone (a pain I've had since childhood) reared its ugly head.  It was rough.   But excuses are excuses so I went to Zumba last night and powered through.  I actually felt better when it was over.   (And not because it was body felt not as achy)

This morning is when I hit the wall.  I was set to wake up at 5:30...ride my bike from 6 to 7 then have a nice breakfast and run an errand or two and then come to work.  I woke up at 5:30 just fine.  (5:20 actually). And that's where it went sour.  I dozed and fell back asleep.  I moved and realized my back was really hurting (same area that went out a few years sometimes bothers me). My feet hurt and well....I listened to those darn excuses and bike ride for mf this morning. Grrrr.   It's stinkin' hot out today....and my time is tight tonight.   I swore I was riding today.   I've thought about making today a rest day and riding tomorrow.  I've toyed with lots....but I'm disgusted because I let excuses rule my decision.  

 Don't worry...I've got a tentative plan though!

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Darcy Winters said...

Isn't Friday usually your no-exercise day? If you can't do anything today - then maybe you can substitute days.