Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I got out on my bike for my first ride of the season.   It started a bit rough.  I was checking tire pressure and my tire blew.  I'd rather have it blow at home versus while out on a ride.   So I had the pleasure of changing the tube on my bike.   All good.  :-)     We laugh at our house.   As limited as I am with mechanical stuff, I am the repair person for our bikes.  I change out the flat tires and do the really basic stuff.  My only problem with the tire change?  When I finally got on the bike I realized that I had forgotten to hook the brakes back up.  Oops.  It's all good, I figured it out before I picked up too much speed. 

 It felt GREAT!  Normally I take that first ride and feel like hell on wheels.  It usually hurts I'm panting for breath and I'm well.. feeling horrible.  I am always anxious to get out to ride but dread those first few rides.  So today it was with some fear and trepidation that I set out.   It was GREAT!   I couldn't get over how good it felt.  The main difference is the advent of  running in my life .  In the last few years I've been doing zumba and took my first ride...but still felt the pain of the first ride.  This year the main difference is running.  It really made  difference!  WEEEE

I had to say goodbye to a good friend after my ride.  I have had my red helmet for a few years. Inside the helmet there is a plastic system for holding the helmet in place on your head.  Last year the plastic system started to crack on my helmet.  I limped along with it...yeah, bad I know.  Today I went out and all that was left was the shell of my helmet...uhhhh that is barely better than not wearing a helmet at all.  So I had to say goodbye to my red helmet.  RIP.

We left the canal (where we were riding) and I headed across the river into Shepherdstown and went into the bike shop.  I bought a new tube for my bike.  There is nothing worse than needing a tube for a bike and not having one!  I also bought a shiny new helmet!  I'm gonna look 'styling' in my nice white helmet.  Yes, like I always do, I have the bike shop guys fit it to my head to make sure that I have it set to be positioned correctly and tight enough.  No use wearing a helmet that is not fitted properly....won't help you when you need it!

I got my zumba in last night also.  It was stinkin' hot in that room!  But I pushed through.  I'm going to exercise this weight right off my body!

I leave you with a cat......because every good post should have a gorgeous cat! Meet Ethel.  She is my 13 year old sweetheart!


BEE said...

loving the pics
you are doing amazing!!!!

Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I adore cats! Your cat is beautiful.

I wish I could ride a bike...well, I can ride, but I always feel like I am one second away from falling off and wiping out.

timothy said...

fabulous, i was never really into bike riding as i kid there was nowhere to ride middle of nowhere dirt roads excpet on dirt bikes and that was yucky to me. lol now i'd feel like a bear on a bicycle, mayhaps when i hit onederland i'll grab one of the kids and give it a go

Debbie said...

What a pretty cat. I love cats, but only have dogs. I have not got my bike out this year yet, but I hope to soon.

Unknown said...

Is it disloyal to my dog to appreciate your cat? Oh well, I do. Don't tell Keebler. :D

:-) Marion

Unknown said...

The new helmet "rocks". Enjoy your rides. I was told by someone lately that you should go out and ride like a child, just for fun. I think that may be a good idea.