Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mentally ready

Tested out my new shoes.  Yes, I bought new sneakers the other day.  I bought shoes specific for running.  I used to always buy Nike, but then for some reasons I switched to Asics (they just felt better on my feet).  However, this time around I had a $40 gift card at Sears so I was tied to buying my shoes there.  They didn't have many options for running shoes at my Sears.  I tried on every pair they had.  The New Balance ones felt the that's what I bought. The shoes were about $70 bucks to begin with...on sale for $50.  I used my Sears/KMart rewards points (of which I didn't have many...but 4 bucks is four bucks) and then the gift I paid $6 bucks for these shoes.  I'm happy to say that they felt wonderful!  :-)   (Unlike the zumba shoes I bought and tried out last night...those puppies are going back as soon as I can get back to town to return them.)

My run today went well.   My breathing never once became choppy and harsh.  I could feel myself breathing more deeply and heavily but it wasn't that out of control breathing that has negatively affected me.  Even though my breathing wasn't out of control, I still made myself think about my breathing.  I want to totally train myself to breathe right...that's the only way I will succeed at this running thing.  And let me tell you.  I do feel alive when I'm out there working on this goal.

Today I was thinking a lot about playlists.  I threw some music on my playlist that is within my c25k app without much thought.  Today was really the first day that I got to listen to that new playlist and I was blown away.  I started my run with "I'm too sexy"  by Right Said Fred.  I ran to some Twisted Sister, "I Wanna Rock" and then moved on to Chicago "Alive again" and "Feelin' Stronger every day."   I heard some "Brick house" and "Fantasy" by Earth Wind and Fire.  I had a little "Cheers" by Riahanna (ok ok ok and I heard S&M) also.  I was pretty amazing.  They were mostly songs that were peppy which is good but they were all just perfect for me.  They were affirming to me.  I'm too sexy...I"m alive again.  I'm feeling stronger everyday.  Seriously...could it have been any better?  (totally unplanned too!)   I had one song come on....Lady Antebellum.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with Lady Antebellum....obviously, as I was willing to put a song (or two) on my playlist.  But it just didn't fit into the mood that my playlist was generating. It wasn't generating that feeling of power...that feeling of kick-assed-ness that all the other songs were instilling in my mind.  ANd with that one song (which I do like in normal circumstances) made me realize exactly how important music and what we put into our minds really is in relation to our mental psyche.  Right now I need kick ass music.  I need take no prisoners music.  It matches perfectly with my mission and my determination.   The right music helps the mental battle....and this really is a mental battle.  And with my kick ass music this morning...I'm READY!!!

After my training run I went home and rushed around getting ready for work.  I didn't time it quite right so I only had about 20 minutes to shower, dress, eat breakfast and pack my lunch and head out the door. (luckily I had already packed my gym bag for zumba tonight after work so that was one thing I didn't have to worry about.....I just had to kick Desi, our white big cat out of my gym bag so that I could grab it when I left as he had obviously decided to take a nap in my gym bag).   I showered and dressed in record time and then headed out to the kitchen. Breakfast was easy.  I had made baked oatmeal the other night.  I cut a serving size...and then my head got in the way.  I was SOOO hungry that I cut a piece and a half and chowed it down.  It wasn't until I was in the car on the way to work that it hit me that I totally ate way too much baked oatmeal.  Uhhh seriously. I had accounted for ONE piece.  One piece would have sufficed for my bodily needs.   I didn't need that extra half piece!   I know my training run will have burned off the extra calories. But I just want to scream. (and yes, myfitnesspal has already been adjusted for the extra 1/2 piece).  What's worse.....I feel like a poor bird that has eaten some dry rice and it has puffed up inside that birdy.  I'm STUFFED!  Not sick..but full!

I will leave you with a picture of three of our cats. I apologize for the unmade bed.....but could anyone with a heart disrupt these three cats to make a bed??????    Desi is the big white boy..he will be 11 years old this year.  He spent the day at the vets yesterday..his prognosis....he has asthma.   Lucy is the calico that is at the top of the picture. She is now 16 years old. She's starting to show her age..she's more wobbly and doesn't jump near as much because her legs are just getting old.  I put steps up to the bed for her to use...however she's too proud to use them. (Desi on the other hand LOVES them).   Ethel is the little squirt on the bottom of the picture.  she will be 13 years old this summer.  She is an absolute sweet heart to humans and to the other cats...during the recent cat flea baths that have occurred at our house....Ethel is the cat that sits and watches and cries right along with the cat that is being washed.  We have two more...two youngsters.........Winnifred and Mertz. Who knows where they were during the picture being crazy is my bet for at least Winni.


Gwen said...

Five cats? And I thought we were bad with 3 dogs totally under 30 lbs. LOL

Congrats on the running! I wish I could, but I just can't. I know you'll say I can, so I guess I should amend that to say I don't want to. LOL Gravity pulls bad enough at 61....don't need to help it along! ROFLMAO

But you go girl! Live and learn about the oatmeal; try cutting your portion either the night before, or before you head out on your run. ;)

Gwen said...

totalling under 30 lbs. not 30 lbs. each. :)

WWSuzi said...

What adorable kitties :)

I'm so glad you found shoes that are going to positively enhance your running! It's so important!!

Jillian said...

Picking good shoes is totally important. I find New Balance has the best arch support. There are stores in my town (and probably in yours) that will do a stride test and help you pick shoes that help compensate for the problems in your walk. If the New Balances don't work out for you, or when you need new shoes (did you know your shoes should be replaced like...every 3 months or so?), you should check them out. I find that shoes that are "company sponsored" like Zumba or Curves (i've owned the Curves shoes) always SUCK. Shoes are probably something you should stick to name brands for.

Eesh said...

Gwen just totally had me on the floor! hahaha!

Congrats on the running bit hun! I know the feeling all too well and yes yes you have to have those "just right" running tennis because it tells on you!

I'm loving your new strength & will to endure. Keep this up! This will take you through.


Anonymous said...

New Balance eh? MaryFran I only wear NB. I can't wear any of the others. Too bad NB shoes don't make you walk longer and run faster sigh!