Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Goodbye Christmas, See you Next Year

Crazy!  My stomach just growled.  I almost forgot what that was!  I have been eating so much food and keeping myself overly fed for so long that I almost forgot what it feels like to actually have your stomach growl with hunger! 

I am 8.8 miles away from Williamburg, VA on my virtual walk.   We walked 4.06 miles yesterday. Between the few miles on the canal and then walking down to the polar plunge I racked up more miles than I expected (I actually turned OFF my GPS tracker/pedometer while we were at the polar plunge also, so the 30-40 minutes we were standing there did NOT count in my mileage...I was a good honest with myself girl).  Yes, we wisely walked near that area and timed our hike so that when we were done walking we just had to walk a half mile to the site of the plunge and then the half mile back to the car.  It added extra distance to my walk AND made for easy parking! 

The Christmas decorations have been removed from my house and put back into storage. It was time. I will be ready for it's return in late November! After I finished cleaning the house after the removal of all things Christmas, I pulled the exercise bike into the living room from it's previous location in our bedroom. I have been wanting to ride my bike lately, but have thrown up excuse after excuse. "Todd is asleep and that will disrupt his sleep", "I don't like the angle that I would have to view the TV at if I rode in the bedroom." and of course the ever present "I would have to clear off the clothes that somehow end up hanging off the bike." All excuses...and all of those excuses are no more!   Ride I WILL....and by Christmas next year I will be in a different place emotionally and physically!!!!   I can't wait to see where that will be!!!!  The future is BRIGHT!


BEE said...

yay great workout

Anonymous said...

Love you comment:"and by Christmas next year I will be in a different place emotionally and physically!!!!". Oh I am hoping that for myself. I want this year to be my year with no regrets come Christmas. Best wishes on your journey through the year.