Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Pain in the butt

Sometimes I get so down thinking about how much further I have to go.  I REALLY want to snap my fingers and be at my goal weight.  I want to snap my finger and fit in all my smaller clothes.  I want to snap my fingers and be a thin Goddess.  I would like nothing better.  But that's not the way it works.  This journey takes time.  This journey takes persistence.  This journey takes a drive that requires focus and motivation.  Is it fun all the time?  Heck no!  Is it worth it?   Absolutely.   However, if I was able to snap my fingers I would not have learned so much about myself.  Through this process I learned and actually was able to figure out that I have an addiction to food.  In fact, I remember an 'aha moment' where I actually saw my addiction working and it all made sense to me. I made discoveries about what my body is capable of. I pushed myself further than I thought possible, often stepping out of my comfort zone.  I have learned what my body needs in terms of nutrition.  I have also rediscovered who MaryFran is.  This process is about learning.  Learning how to take care of this wondrous body that I was given.  This process is important and while I want it to speed along, I'm going to soak up every lesson I can on the way.  You see, every lesson I learn makes me stronger.  The stronger I am, the better my odds for maintaining all my results!

I'm having an interesting problem today. It started last night.  And yes, my husband had a heyday with this when I announced it.  My BUTT hurts!  OK, OK, OK....stop laughing.  It's not really my butt, but more like my butt cheeks.   I must have just pushed harder on the squats and lunges during the last few zumba sessions.  But seriously, I got into my nice firm bed last night and just the firmness on my buttocks caused that twinge of muscle pain to ripple through me.  Butt pain is very serious matter!  Will I let it deter me from zumba tonight?   Nope...I'll be there zumba-ing my heart out!


Enyonam said...

Lol! Sorry bout your butt. Experienced it the first time I ran for 25 minutes straight. You'll be fine.

Gwen said...

MaryFra, what a wonderful post! It is so exciting and encouraging and inspiring to see you learn more, and become a better person (not just on the outside!) in the process!

Sore anything's suck. But it's proof you are reaching out and changing for the muscles. Even in the butt! LOL

Eesh said...

I sometimes wish that I could snap my fingers & the pounds would melt away but who are we kidding??? We have to put in work! :)

sorry to hear about your butt least you're finding humor in it.