Thursday, April 12, 2012


FINALLY, finally my weight has budged. I've been stuck on the exact same weight for the last few days 5 days...or is it 6.  LOL   Either way...same poundage, same ounces. It's been incredibly frustrating!  But today, it dropped.  YAY!

I've managed to log my food intake all this week.  I'm pretty happy with that.   That's a huge first step...getting back into making tracking a habit.  Actually today's food has all been accounted for..I know what I'm eating all day.  :-)

Exercise....I'm on hold.  I've been really trying to take it easy on my foot...give my foot a break.  The foot is feeling much better, so I may jump back into exercise this weekend.  :-)  (with a new pair of tennis shoes to see if that helps also).


Tanya said...

Have you tried New Balance shoes? I swear by foot pain, no back pain. Keep on keepin' on, my friend. You Rock!!

timothy said...

yahoo! glad it moved but why are you driving yourself nuts weighing every day? i had to stop because weight fluctuates during the day, i set a certain day, wake up pee and weigh. DONE wait a week and repeat. lolol

Lucy said...

I do the same thing...weigh every day, especially when I'm anxious to see some movement. I do this even though I know it's not a true picture of my REAL weight (water, etc.)...'s what I like to do. Then there are times I don't even want to look at the scale!LOL!

Kudos on breaking through :)