Thursday, March 17, 2011


This morning I got outside...started to walk and just wanted to move I started to jog.  I jogged one song and walked one.  And I thought.  I thought about the fact that running a 5k is always something that I've had in the the back of my mind to do.......and that brought some other things up that I want to do.  And right then and there I decided to write my list of  'to do' things down and take pride as I work toward them.    I'm a total list maker.  Part of the attraction is to have a list that I can visualize and remember what my goals are.  The other thing....the sense of accomplishment at the completion of an item is HUGE!

So I'm back on track...and feel STRONG today.  I can do this!


Tammy said...

You ARE strong and you look great!!:)

Tanya said...

I agree completly with the previous comment. You can do this, MaryFran. When I feel better, and can breathe, I'll be right there with ya. Hugs, my friend. Many hugs! :)