Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the road again

I've been here time and time again.   I honestly do not look forward to the journey ahead.  Let me just get this out there.  I am not looking forward to it at all.  I KNOW what to do.  I have the know how.  I KNOW what needs to be done.  The thought of doing it just bores me to tears. 

Will it be worth it though?   Yeah, I know it will.  I want the end result more than anything, so that means that I have to make the sacrifices necessary to get there.

Sooo I gave up my weight watcher membership a while back.  I was a weight watcher from 2006 onward.  The plan REALLY does work.....but you have to work the plan.  I haven't been working the plan for a while.  I know me...I need something different.  I logged onto fitday.com this morning.  Before weight watchers I had some success using that website.  So I'll start there. The only bad thing...don't think they have an app for my phone. (update...they DO have an app!)  But you know what...it worked before, I'll make it work again!  :-)

The time has come to do it.  Maybe I should be totally excited about this journey...but it's just such a long one....one that I feel like I've been doing for YEARS now.  I know that this is a rest of my life thing.....but this journey of losing is the one I dread!

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Anna said...

You have made so much progress. I can see a great difference in your pictures. I count every calorie and write it down. Once a week at one meal I splurge. So far, I have lost 10 pounds in 5 months. That seems sooo slow but it is the right direction.

Good luck to you!