Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So here I am.  Another day into the history books.  Holding on.  Got dealt another blow last night via is a blow that COULD go either way.  But the down and dirty thought right now is that I'm left holding the bag waiting for a final answer.  Great just what I need on my plate, one more thing to think about.  One more thing to worry about.  One more thing to clog up my head.

My plans for my eating yesterday?  That is the big question of the day.  How did I do with my eating. I did pretty well while at work.  I ate what was in my lunch and only had a few chips that were not in my lunchbox (the special K chips that were in my lunchbox were really I threw those away and had some regular chips).  Evening.....well.....extenuating circumstances.  Found out yesterday that Todd's great uncle (he was raised with his grandparents though, so for all intent purposes this is his he saw pretty much every day growing up) passed away and the viewing was yesterday evening.  So we mobilized and ran over there for the viewing.....and of course ended up at Battleview (the local convenience store...the ONLY one in this dink town) for dinner.  I ordered a turkey and cheese sub.  And when they asked do you want a whole one or a half one.  What do you think I said?   "Why of course I want a whole one"  ~~~~rolling eyes~~~   And of course I had a bag (individual serving size bag) of chips.  AND if that wasn't enough, we hit up the ice cream shop afterwards.. (chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with peanut butter topping...YUM....I DID order a small).   I didn't eat anything else that evening I guess that's a victory.

Tonight is zumba.......yes, unless something comes up, I'm going.  Baby steps.  And weee, weight watchers tomorrow....I get to go back and see my weight rise.  But no more.....I may have an addiction to food. But food is the ONE thing in my life I do have control over.  I need to take control over this one aspect of my life. 

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Melissa said...

It's okay to take baby steps MF! It means you aren't standing still! :D