Thursday, May 19, 2011

On success building upon another

Isn't it crazy how it works.  Starting something is sometimes the hardest part.  (or restarting after a failed attempt...or after a slight speed bump).  However each progressive SUCCESSFUL day after that start day really does get easier?  Why is that?  Because success builds upon itself. 

The first step to having this success build upon itself is to be totally committed to restarting.  Have a plan...and I'm a firm believer in having a DIFFERENT plan in place than the old standby that has failed you time and time again.  (the difference for me this time is planning my food the day before I eat it...print it out and stick with it).   From there just START.   But each day that is successful makes me stronger.  It makes me feel like, "I CAN do this!"

I was talking to a friend at zumba last night.  I had actually met her at a weight watcher meeting.  She also quit about the same time I stopped going to meetings and has subsequentially gained.  She just started this past week. She talked about swallowing her pride and going back.  Yes, that is it.  But I encouraged her to look FORWARD.  Don't focus on the fact that she is relosing.  She is LOSING weight.  The other thing we talked about was the I CAN attitude.  No questions about it.  We CAN lose the weight.  WE CAN conquer this.  It will be a life long journey but we CAN do it.  It's a mental place we have to be in.  It's the I CAN mental place!.    I know that I may never have a flat stomach.....I may always have saggy skin.  I may always have a little 'jelly roll' around my waist.  But you know what?   I'd rather have one little itty bitty jelly roll than a whole dozen of big fat jelly rolls!  

Yes, day three was a success.  2 hours of exercise...eating right on target!  All was good!  Day 4 starting out ok.  My food is planned and I should be ok!  :-)   No exercise today but that's ok!  I've already exercised 4 hours since Monday!  :-)


bbubblyb said...

It really is the mental part. I know for me thinking positive and trying to stay in a peaceful mental place is what seems to help the weight come off the most. Also, restarting right away and not waiting. You are doing great MaryFran and I'm glad you're feeling good. That was good you talked to the lady I'm sure it helped her a lot.

Tanya said...

I'm still cheering for you! You rock!! :)

Karen@WaistingTime said...

So true that momentum builds. Keep up the good work.

Susy said...

You are doing an AMAZING job and you are an inspiration to me. Keep it up! =)

Shabby Chic Mom said...

Momentum sure does build. I did it today.

Way to give someone support. I bet she appreciated it

F. McButter Pants said...

YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! Keep the mind on what matters. It's true success breeds success.

enjoy your weekend