Thursday, May 26, 2011


The craving for chinese food was intense.  I could taste it on my tongue for DAYS.  I wanted needed chinese food.  I could smell it. I could see it (behind my closed eyes).  All I could think about was chinese food.  I pressed and yesterday we went out for Chinese for lunch.  Todd had grand plans to work outside and for me to run the chipper all day....we have ahuge brush piles that have needed to be chipped.  And of course the chipped product makes a GREAT mulch for our flower beds!  SOOOOOOOOO  of course that would be his plan for me to run that cursed chipper.  SOOO I held out and said "fill my belly with Chinese food and I will work like a mad woman for you"  Manipulative?  YES!  But guess what....that Chinese food tasted so good on it's path to my belly!    :-)   And I did give a lot of good hours in the garden working!   And then, if that wasn't enough, I picked strawberries and made a crustless strawberry pie.   I didn't make it to zumba..  This morning I got up and played tennis for an hour and then worked outside for a bit...before coming in to work. 

So we give in to them?  or do we work around them.  I'm a firm believer that we give in to them....because otherwise we will be miserable....and probably eat evrything else under the sun in order to avoid it.  That said...I'm STILL wanting chinese food........maybe I better hold off on chinese again soo soon!  ROFL


Karen@WaistingTime said...

I'm torn. Some will go away if I ignore them. Others... well I do that eating everything else thing too.

Anita said...

The old folks in my family used to say that if we had a craving, our bodies were trying to tell us that they needed some nutrient that was contained in that particular food.
I am now an "old folk" and I still think it's true.
Of course, as an old folk who's about 30 pounds overweight, I know that doesn't mean to eat endless amounts of whatever it is my body needs!

Sarah said...

Same thing in our family, Anita! My mom always said that if you are craving something it is because your body needs it. Thing is -- you gotta figure out what you need. If I am craving a big juicy burger, probably need red meat (because I don't eat much of it). If I am craving cheese or ice cream, probably calcium. Chinese food? Probably the salt honestly.

I have learned to try to trick my body and feed it what it needs, not what I think I want. It works sometimes. Others, it's just that I want this or that. Then, it's all about moderation.

F. McButter Pants said...

I will usually just go ahead and get just alittle to get the idea out of my head. Then I drink lots of H20 and maybe walked alittle farther the next day.

I don't think your body tells you what needs. Not alll the time. Most times it's me using that as a justification.

timothy said...

there's chinese food and chinese food. as long as you skip the sauce and avoid breaded items chinese can be very healthy. the truck is to eat what the chinese eat NOT what they serve us! lol lots of yummy steamed fish and veggies!