Thursday, March 24, 2011

Be true to yourself

Kinda quirky...but this was shared with me a while back, I just sat and said how utterly came to mind yesterday as I grieve the loss of my friend, becuase he tried to do that.  Some may have said he was an outcast because he walked to the beat of his own drum....but he was truely his own person and if you looked past the quirks you couldn't help but like him.

I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. To cut yourself out of stone. If you hate your parents, the man or the establishment, don't show them up by getting wasted and wrapping your car around a tree. If you really want to rebel against your parents: out earn them, outlive them, and know more than they do. I am ready for what ever's coming. I expect nothing but to be let down or turned away. I am alone. Goddamn. The shit hurts sometimes, but I realize what I am, what I have become. The alien man waved his arms up and down and noticed that he couldn't wave in the right language so he stopped.

There are so many hammocks to catch you if you fall, so many laws to keep you from experience. All the cities I have been in make me fully understand the cozy, stifling state in which most people pass through life. I don't want to pass through life like a smooth plane ride. All you do is get to breathe and copulate and finally die. I don't want to go with the smooth skin and the calm brow. I hope I end up a blithering idiot cursing the sun - hallucinating, screaming, giving obscene and inane lectures on street corners and public parks. People will walk by and say, "Look at that drooling idiot. What a basket case." I will turn and say to them "It is you who are the basket case. For every moment you hated your job, cursed your wife and sold yourself to a dream that you didn't even conceive. For the times your soul screamed yes and you said no. For all of that. For your self-torture, I see the glowing eyes of the sun! The air talks to me! I am at all times!" And maybe, the passers by will drop a coin into my cup.
                      Christian Harvey

Reminder to all of us to live our lives for the person that we want to be...and not whatever someone else wants.  Live live to the fullest and don't become sucked in by the things that the world wants us to focus on (jobs) becuase they are NOT the important things in life.  LIVE FOR YOURSELF!

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