Saturday, February 19, 2011


Saturday February 19, 2011
       Today I'm thankful for a long weekend that's coming up!  Yes, Monday is Presidents day and I don't have to go to work!

So what is my plan for rebuilding my life, for making me whole again?   It's not much of a plan.  But I do know that it's going to include me eating right and exercising.  :-)    But other than that I'm reviewing my hobbies and likes and I"m going to focus on things that I like.

1. Photography.  I've long said that I enjoy it and want to take it to another level.  I've struggled of late because I've discovered that being depressed does not lend one to find the beauty in life....and thus I don't see much that I want to take pictures of.  I'm going to try to work on that.  Hopefully as spring and summer approaches that will get just a tad bit easier.

2.  Piano.  I've played since I was five years old.  My mom has often over the years remarked (when I lived with them (that she could tell my stress levels, because I played more when I was was my cathartic act).  My piano is at the studio so not at my fingertips.  But I do have a keyboard here at the house.  And I recently pulled it out and it's all set up ready for me to play.

3.  Crafts.  Cross stitch, hooked rugs, quilts, crochet, you name it...I used to do it and I don't anymore.  I need to pick things back up and dabble some more.  I used to always say I wanted to be a renassaince woman and know how to do a little of everything.  Well, I need to step back into that pathway.  

4.  Writing.  I love to write.  I enjoy seeing my words come alive and piece together a complex (or not) story.  I have no outlet for my writing, but once I get myself back in the habit of writing, maybe I can look for a creative outlet for my writing.

That still leaves me short with the friend thing.....but well hopefully that will come in time.


Lovebug6100 said...

Maybe you could join a crafting or photography class - get out there and start making new connections...and don't sell the online friends short...I used to think that the people who read my blog didn't count because I didn't know them in person....but I find, when I'm stuck standing there holding all the cards - they're the ones who are still beside me! I'm still beside you!

bbubblyb said...

I think joining some class or club is a good idea. That will help with the friends situation too. I'm not that far away either so if you ever wanted to take a Saturday and meet up half way some time I'd love to meet you. I think your plan is a good one to get back into things that will help relieve your stress, anxiety and depression. I know for myself doing some of those things definitely helps get me out of a dark place. *hugs*

ERICA said...

Classes would be great if you have the time. Also I'd suggest making little goals instead of just "take more pictures" try "take 4 pictures a week."

Also I have a baby blanket to make for a friend I'd love to hear some crafty suggestions!

Shabby Chic Mom said...

I agree with with the other posters. My brother has done photography for years and has made many wonderful friends. He also joined a bike club and they have lots of meet ups to ride and usually lunch after.
way to go getting back into things!

Vegan Chick Pea said...

It's so good that you have these. They are things that can always keep you busy. :) How lovely is that! :)

Lovebug6100 said...

How's you plan coming along...hope you're enjoying your day off!

Tanya said...

Hope you're enjoying your day off. I hope you're smiling today, Mary Fran. E-mail me when you get a chance. :)