Friday, January 07, 2011

Ok, the weight popped up yesterday.  Not gonna let it get to me.  It was just a crazy day.  

I am proud of myself today.  I had a waffle for breakfast......all was good.  But when they ordered lunch at work I so WANTED to order with them.  THEN they said they were ordering chinese.  I wanted it soo bad.  Ohhh I wanted it.  I could have eaten....but I wasn't hungry at all.  I would have eaten too...even though I wasn't hungry.  BUT, I declined.  EVERYONE here ordered out...except for me that is.  I ordered not.  I sat here and smelled that delicious smelling food.  I'll eat my packed lunch eventually.....fruit and veggies. But you know what...I'm not really hungry yet and I'm not going to eat my packed lunch just because I packed a lunch and just because it's lunchtime. (actually it's already almost 3PM) I'll eat WHEN MY BODY needs it.  At this point...maybe not until I get home for dinner.  It's all good.....i'm listening to my body today.

Hoping to do some kind of activity tonight....even if it is only a game on the xbox.  ANYTHING.  Gotta start small.  :-)


Ms. M said...

More proof you are a STRONG woman! I don't know that I could have turned down Chinese food. Its a real weakness for me. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

Shabby Chic Mom said...

Way to go on the willpower and not ordering out!!
have a great day

A Healthier Plate said...

That's so hard to do when everyone around you is ordering out. Way to go!

F. McButter Pants said...

Girl~ I am proud of you! That is huge!

keep it up!

vee said...

they say that the more we practice self discipline the easier it gets. Also the more we give in to temptation - the easier that gets as well.
God help us.

WWSuzi said...

You said no to Chinese food?? Wow, you are one strong woman!!