Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My week....started off not too nice. Actually it started out bad with a piece of gear at the studio breaking down and Todd spending all day Monday working on it. He's still working on it...so that's no fun. But he had clients last night and they knocked off a few hours early (due to snow and ice) so he was home by 10 and we went to the bedroom at 11. (Probably read until midnight). Why I tell you all this?

This morning Todd went out and scraped my car and he walked to the end of the driveway where his car was parked. (we park one car on the apron the first 10 feet off the road...when the weather is bad...easier to get the car out...so he came home last yesterday evening and parked on the apron). So anyway, he scraped and cleaned off my car and then went to do his. He cleaned off the door and opened it to hop in and turn on the car to warm it up and noticed something horribly wrong.....in the vein that there shouldn't be a big empty space where the car stereo that he put in used to be. There SHOULD be subwoofers and all kinds of car stereo parts. His thing of CD's should still be there.......50-100 cd's. Oh yeah., things were not right. SOOOO inside he went and we called the police just to make the report. They came and left and then we both headed off to work. Annoying thing...it happened in his car....we only have liablity on his car so it's not covered for this. It could be worse...the car could have been damaged or something....so it was just annoying. Ohhh the funniest part...his car stereo died a few months back. He's been moaning because it's only 2-3 years old...he put it in back in 2008 I guess it was......so they got a stereo that DIDN"T WORK! ROFL. Ok, the subwoofer and cd's and other stuff.....that's sad. :-( Now my butt won't vibrate when I drive his car! (the sub is/was behind the drivers seat...on the floor...partially under the seat)

So our week hasn't started off the best. Hopefully it starts getting better. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here at work.....chest is hurting (hello stress...is this all stress related?......)....and I'm just wishin' I were at home. LOL I have my stuff to go to Zumba tonight. But now sure if I'm actually going to go. Chest pains...and they say that the roads are going to deteriorate again tonight (with more precip this evening). So just not sure. Excuses? Probably.

Todd and I HAVE decided to start looking for a new doctor. This is ridiculous. I'm just not happy at all with the doctor and her care. I feel as if she didn't even listen to me in December and in reality brushed me off.....because "your too young to be having chest pains". Yes, she said that to me. And yes...I am too young to be having chest pains....but that doesn't negate the fact that I am having them. Are they stress related? Honestly, I think probably. Do I know that for certain? NO. Did I have a grandfather that died when he was only 9 years older than I currently am? YES (and his father was only 50.......grandfather on the other side also died of heart disease..but he was 60...so it's in my family). But this scare has made us realize that we have to have a GOOD doctor....because we can't wait until we are sick to find a doctor. Meanwhile I go back on Thursday to my quack doctor. I'm going back to get the results of the gall bladder and blood work (i already know about the high cholesterol). But if she doesn't have anything concrete for me, I'm going to head to a heart specialist. Let me rule out the heart. My mom's doctor said do the heart specialist first...and then go to a pulmonary specialist...knock those two major things out of the field.

I didn't forget my vow to find 'happy' things and I did think and find something happy each day.  I meant to come online and write them down...but I...well, I forgot and never got around to it...and currently I can't remember what I was going to write.

Today I am thankful for my cat Ethel.  The last two months she has not wanted to leave my side.  She crawls up on my chest and lays on me.  Or curls up as close to my chest as possible. If that is not an option, she is content to lay in my lap.  She's with me all the time.  Showing me that she loves me.


Darcy said...

I agree completely. Find yourself a new doctor...one that will listen to you and your concerns. Even if your doc doesn't think there are heart problems, geesh, it's better to be safe than sorry. A lot of doctors fail to recognize heart symptoms in women, especially younger women...which makes no sense with all of the information out there in this day and age. Keep me updated on what you find out.

WWSuzi said...

You definitely need a Dr. that listens to you! And one you feel comfortable with.
I'm 49 and i've already got heart disease.

Ms. M said...

Definitely time to find a new doctor. My last two have been really good - but here in military land they only stay a few years. I have to go in & see a new one. Keeping my fingers crossed they will be decent.

Sucks about the stereo & cds... but that is pretty darn funny that the stereo was broken. LOL

Anne H said...

Love that cat!
Go Ethel!

Vegan Chick Pea said...

I hope things start going better for you. It's tough when they get difficult like that. Here's hoping you get a new doctor you like!