Monday, August 02, 2010

Find me!

Hagerstown Dancers Add Spice to National Dance Day

Find me in the video!!!!!

The other day I was talking about Zumba and stepping outside of my comfort zone to go to zumba. I stepped outside of my comfort zone again. They had a zumba-thon (that's what I called it). Basically 3 hours with different zumba instructors and different dance/exercise instructors leading short class segments. I decided to go.....even though I would be attending by myself. I don't like to do stuff by myself, it's....well....lets just say that I usually chose to NOT do something versus doing it on my own. Well, not this time. I was going to that thing if it killed me. AND I told myself that I was going to try everything I could possibly try. I was goign to try each instructor. I was going to try each type of dance. I was going to do it all. And I DID. I was just shy of 3 hours of dancing. I ended up having to stop about 5 minutes from the end.....I just got too hot and toooo tired. I had fun. Would I have had more fun if I had a friend to attend with? Yeah, but I did it on my own.

I LOVED the Drumming. Check it out, it's called Drum's Alive. Unfortunately, I dont' belong to the gym that offers it (and they only offer one class which I couldn't make even if I still did belong to that gym).

I've put together another good week. So two good weeks. The scales did NOT show my efforts this week. I battled with the female monthly hormone water retention/weight spike. I also admit that I ate way too many foods that were a bit higher in sodium. So that affected it also. But I refuse to's all good and if I continue on the path that I've been on for two whole weeks, the weight WILL drop!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Wow... go Zumba girl!! I need to try that sometime. I love your "refuse to worry" statement. Yes... worry will NOT rule us. Good for you. I'm sure your hard work IS helping... just not always noticeable on that scale. You have a great attitude. Have a great week!


Sevenbeads said...

I just signed up for Zumba for the first time but it doesn't start until next month. I'll definitely be out of my comfort zone. I'm inspired by you and Paula (Paulawannacracker). You two make it sound like fun.

Shrink to Fit said...

How fun! I'm like you, though, sometimes if I don't have someone to go with me, I just don't go. You've inspired me to give "going alone" a try!

Donna B said...

So proud of you! Not sure I would go by myself, but it sure looked like a ton of fun! Might have to convince the hubby to drive down the next time you have a zumbathon!
Keep up the good work!

F. McButter Pants said...

Yep, no worries. You're feeling reat and that's what matters. I didn't see you in the video. I will have to look harder.

Way to dance your ass off!

Vegan Chick Pea said...

WOW, that's great!!! I'm so glad you had such a great time and decided to go do it! Maybe they'll have more Zumba-thons and you can bring a friend!