Monday, July 26, 2010


I did it.....I made it through a weekend and kept myself totally under control with my eating! TOTALLY...100%. OK ok ok, not 100%, I did splurge and I used 3 of my flex points on Sunday evening. Three points though...not 30 points each day. And three points extra is well within what is still considered 'on plan' with Weight Watchers. WEEEEEEEEEEEE

I was a bit nervous about Sunday. Todd had a cancellation and we ended up going out for lunch. AND I had dinner already planned. I thought and ordered wisely. Salad with grilled chicken, hold the bacon and dressing on the side please and thank you very much. It was a really good salad also. :-)

So here is the kicker.....I realize exactly how much damage my weekends are doing to me now.

My week results for weight watchers showed me with a loss of 2.8 pounds. Respectable. Very respectable. I was quite happy with that. Especially since I weighed in wearing heavier clothes than I normally The 7 days between the previous weigh in and that one had been spent thusly. Day 1 and Day with very little control. Day 3-7 Eat healthy and within plan (oh yeah, and that within plan included Pizza Hut...dinner for two...which is a medium pizza, breadsticks, salad and a drink.....and I ate each morsel of my half of the dinner for two). And then weigh in. But my weekend, like all of the previous weekend was one total gorge.

My challenge weight. I weighed in last today was weigh in day. There shouldn't be a big difference right? I mean, the only difference was a measley two days....a Saturday and a Sunday. BUT, the Saturday and Sunday that was on the weight watchers weigh in week was a dismal failure. On the flip side, the Saturday and Sunday that were included on the challenge weight weigh in were totally on target. Soooo how did I do for my challenge weight???? 4.8 pounds. So my weekend eating is costing me 2 pounds each week? 2 pounds?????? Is any of the food that I'm shovelling in on my weekends worth 2 pounds????? Wow.


I'm still not sure what to do about the weight watchers meeting fiasco. I've talked to some friends. I've listened to what everyone is saying here. I've talked to my husband. I honestly go back and forth between my options. I checked, my credit card was just charged for this next month...(as in charged on the 23rd JUST) I'm paid up until September I have until August 23rd to cancel should I chose to do so.


Goals for my upcoming week:

1. Stay on plan......
2. Exercise at least 5 times (same goal as last week...last week I exercised 4 times)
3. Begin taking my daily multi-vitamin
4. Don't allow the stress in my life to rule my weight loss journey. The issue that causes the most stress has raised it's ugly this will be difficult.
5. Focus on me...and remember that I'm the one that has the ultimate control over what I eat! Only me! Yeah, there may be situations that make things difficult, but I'm still in control over what I put into my mouth!


I've been thinking about rewards again. I need to set up rewards.


For every pound I lose, I will allow myself to buy a song or something on Itunes. I am usually cheap and don't purchase new music......Going by my Monday weigh in as that's going to be my 'blog' weigh in day. So today I show a 4.8 pound loss...that's 4 songs! The good news about this week....I only have to lose .2 to get another song. :-)

For dropping below 200 pounds again...I'm not sure...but I want it to be something that will be symbolic of me NEVER returning to the two hundreds again. Ohhh a snake skin purse...because snakes SHED their skins????? Something to do with fire? Because that bridege to return is burnt????? Any good ideas?


Allan said...

Great stuff... Go to and download free stuff....
Keep up the effort, I need the constant inspiration.

Vegan Chick Pea said...

GREAT JOB on your 100% day! :)

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on the 4.8 lbs, that's terrific. Yea the weekend sure can do damage. I have some damage control to do from this weekend myself.

I haven't read yet what the WW fiasco was but have you ever thought about joining TOPS? It's cheap and if it's just about a weekly weigh-in for you, you could still do WW points but still have the weigh-in and support. Just an idea.

Donna B said...

Great job with your weekend and MOnday weigh in! I, too realize that super splurging on weekends isn't worth it! So, why did it take months to figure it out? Don't care as long as I am starting anew this week!

VRaz60 said...

Good work! Just a word of caution about LimeWire, tho'. Our computer geek says it is hazardous to your hard drive, and removed it from our computer immediately. May not always affect a hard drive, but I decided not to take the chance.

Tummy Tuck said...

don't deprive yourself too much though :) Keep up the good work :)