Thursday, June 03, 2010

So today is my brainstorming to tame the mini-me...that addiction.

For a while I tried posting my food intake on my blog. But honestly, I got sick of people discecting what I was eating. A simple "good job" or a simple word of encouragement after a bad day would be enough. I know when I'm bad......don't kick me when I'm down. But in theory, posting my food on here works...becuase I'm embarrassed about my addiction. It embarrasses the doo doo out of me to lose control. Hmmmm....maybe I could make a separate blog for my food intake ....and put at the top "leave on encouraging need to dissect my food intake....I know when I have a bad day and would appreciate your support, not you berating me for having a little too many carbs or whatever my sin is for that day". Hmmmm....another blog does seem like a lot of work though. hmmmmm For that matter, would it be rude to put that as a note on the comment page...or at the bottom of any post?

Will power.....I have to simply starve that addiction out. No no no, I'm not turning anorexic on you. When I mean starve that mini me out, I mean that I need to exercise every once of self control that I have to not 'feed' the addiction. To eat my food, enjoy it to the fullest but to stop at the appropriate time. Having a second helping to recapture the rapture of the first helping is NOT acceptable. Will power, will power will power!

I honestly can't think of anything else. Hypnosis? Therapist? Wire my mouth shut and eat my food through a straw????

So I'll start for today.

Wednesday food intake:
breakfast: strawberry banana smoothie
lunch: summer salad (bean salad)
strawberries (ohhh fresh from the garden.....absolute rapture....sweetness bursting upon my tastebuds!...picked just that morning at 6AM)
applesauce -home sugar
2 fat free fig newtons
Afternoon snack: fresh cherries
Dinner (it was late...I got home from work at 6PM, I picked up shingles from the old roof that todd tore off...and then I ran out and picked up dinner at 9 or so)
Turkey and cheese sub with lots of added veggies
diet soda (sadly, no water with dinner)
fat free frozen yogurt

Water intake- about 40 ounces
multivitamin-uhhhhh I forgot
exercise-does squatting to pick strawberries for an hour in the morning count? Does picking up a whole roof worth of shingles and old felt and rotten wood count???? No?? Well then no exercise.


Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

I just added a page to my blog for my food journals... its there for people to see which makes me think I need to set a good example, but I don't have to deal with the comments of people dissecting my diet for me. And yes, the squatting to pick berries should totally count... that's hard work. :)

Manon~ said...

Like Julie - I like to stay accountable if only to myself, and posting my food journal each day helps with that - You could always diable comments, perhaps mine is boring - or perhaps that extra click to open another page is just a tad too much effort for most lol, but I have not had one comment in five months of posting them. You know what you have to do - there is no need for people to comment unless you specifically ask for it - its about personal accountability not answering to other folks for your choices.

VRaz60 said...

I would totally count the strawberry picking and shingle retrieval as exercise. Maybe not the usual routine, but it kept you moving.

I will admit to being too big a chicken sh** to post my foods. I have them in my food journal, and that's bad enough.

Lovebug6100 said...

How did you manage to only eat 2 Fig Newtons....good control!!! I like your new ideas....stick with it!!

Stacey said...

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