Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm sitting here staring at the blank computer screen....wondering what to write. I've got nothing to say. I'm basically on auto-pilot with my eating and exercise...I'm struggling with some issues right now that are just making it hard to concentrate on anything...and thus auto-pilot. I know that that is a dangerous place to be. Complacency breeds failure. This journey takes almost constant vigilence. I cannot relax my gaurd. But yet I have to say that right now, I'm on auto-pilot. I'm relying on the good habits that I have spent the last few years developing to outsmart the fat MF habits. And I'm hangin' on.


Manon~ said...

Mary - hang on in there, when life throws you curvers its time to dig deep, and going onto Auto-pilot is a good thing. Auto-pilots take the right route even when nobody is at the helm. Stay on auto for as long as it takes to get your head round 'stuff' but remain aware of where the landing strip is.

She-Fit said...

Hang in there! At least you are aware of being on auto-pilot. Just continue to make one good decision at a time. You will get through this little obstacle