Thursday, April 15, 2010

Am I ready?

Am I ready to have a few days off. To spend time with my husband and visit our friends? Absolutely! Todd and I are in desperate need of some time away from it all...just the two of us. I'm super excited to see Donna and's been so long!

Am I ready? Do I have a game plan made for our weekend away to Lancaster County (and beyond) the land of good food...shoo-fly pie and other delicious delicacies? Yes, I have a plan. I want to ride the exercise bike in the AM before leaving for home. Our hotel has a fitness center and an indoor pool. I want to utlize at least one of those Friday evening...and again on Saturday morning. Sunday of course I'll be riding. :-) Eating.....just make wise choices...that's my plan. (and then kill it at the gym upon my return).

Am I ready and packed? Pretty much...I have a few more things to throw together tonight. I have to finish putting stuff in the car and then of course the last minute things tomorrow morning.

Am I ready to exercise today? Heck no. My knees are bothering me. My legs feel super heavy. I just feel run down. I have thusly decided to take today of of exercise. I'm due a day off, so it's no biggie. I actually haven't had a full day off in a while. I didn't formally exercise yesterday but I used the push mower and then hauled brush....quite a workout actually! My body is screaming for a break...I need to give it one.

Am I ready to weigh in tonight? Actually yes. Even though it's 2 days earlier than my normal weigh in day. I'm ready. I'm not going to jump up and down and shout it from the mountaintop, but I will say that according to my home scales I should be happy with my results tonight. I made myself a smoothie for breakfast and ate fruit and veggies for lunch. I'm good to go.

Am I ready to continue losing weight? Absolutely! I was looking back at an old picture the other day. It was of me when I had reached my goal weight (which was 180 pounds........still 15 pounds over where the BMI tells me to be...but it's where my Doctor recommended) and I was maintaining that weight. I didn't see how I looked at that time. But I looked at that picture and I saw it. Yeah, I still had my problem areas....but heavens looking at that picture, I could see exactly how much weight I had lost and sadly how much weight I have regained!


Are you ready?????


WWSuzi said...

I've been waffling for a while now but for the last week i've been ready and i've stepped up to the plate :)

VRaz60 said...

That's the beauty of having a journey all your own. You can jump right back on the horse if you've fallen off. You've planned for a great weekend, so now go enjoy!! You're doing just fine.

Reese said...

I love the pic, you look great! Sounds like you have a good plan in place to stay on track. Have fun!! You deserve it :)

Josie said...

You still look great! You'll get back there again soon.

I hope you enjoy every minute of your weekend away.

And...YES, I'm ready too.

SeaShore said...

Have a great trip!

Donna B said...

Love the pic! Keep up the great work girlfriend! Can't wait to see you on Saturday! Will have plenty of good and healthy foods in the house when you arrive! Those smoothies sound wonderful! Have a safe trip and FUN in Lancaster!

whyweight said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog! Very much appreciated. And to answer your question, "yes!" I am absolutely ready to make this work for me. Now. Not in some unforseen magical time in the future when the planets align...but Now. And, it really feels very good! :) Let's get there together!