Thursday, March 25, 2010

Something for me

Yesterday I did something for me. I brought my change of clothes and a sandwich to work and at the end of my day I changed and I headed straight to the gym for a workout. For me. I had some 'dark forces' try to pull me away...nothing serious, but just a few things that could have derailed me from my plans. But I stuck to my guns and went.

To carry on the goodwill toward myself, I woke up at 6AM this morning and by 7AM I was in the gym working out again!

Welcome to the new me. In the few months (OK, maybe year), I've stopped doing little things for myself. Standing up for myself and doing something that's good for me. I think a lot has to do with the status of the current funk that I was in and the reasons behind the funk. I have allowed this negative energy and these negative feelings to change the focus off of what is important. What is important? Me. Now this is not saying that I'm going to chuck all responsibilities overboard. There are still other really important things in my life. But taking care of me has got to be a priority. Getting my weight back off is for ME this time. Not for any other reason. ME ME ME! By making me healthier physically I'll feel better mentally...and that will convey into all other aspects of my life.

In essence, I stopped caring about myself. I think that my funk and the reasons behind it are a big factor behind my lack of caring (and quite honestly part of the reason I've gained back some of the weight)....but I'll be open and honest enough to admit that the more weight I've gained, the less I've cared about myself. It really is a vicious cycle.

Soooo, my plan is to try to do one thing...big or small for myself every day. It could be an action such as going to the gym (with or without anyone....although by myself is really standing up for me) It could be something as simple as applying fresh polish to my nails (toes or fingers). Small steps to help me care more about restore my love of myself. challenge is to do something everyday for myself...and I plan to post it here! I may not post it everyday. I may only do it for a may go on for a year. I'm not setting myself up for failure. I just know in my heart that I have to take care of numero uno.

Take care of myself action for Wednesday- Trip to the gym.....didn't want to...and Todd requested something (something not really important) that would have made it easy to ditch my plans....I didn't.

Take care of myself action for Thursday- Trip to the gym.....woke up before the sun and hit the gym!


F. McButter Pants said...

It really is all about taking care of yourself!

Thanks for the sweet comment to my daughter. It is much appreciated!

Reese said...

Good for you! I love this idea.

Teresa said...

Good, glad you are thinking about you. Good job getting up and going to the gym.

lindalou said...

Yeah!!! This will make you feel tons better!!!

Donna B said...

great idea! I, too need to find a way to slow day and take care of me.....even if for only a few minutes a day! LOVE the idea!

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Good for you! I understand how it is when you get into a funk. It's so hard to get out of, so good for you for attempting to change your thinking and for making time for yourself. I like your ideas of going to the gym and painting your nails...just doing stuff for you and only you...I might have to steal some of those ideas! ;-)

Jennifer said...

It is great that you are admitting to the funk you are in and not just wallowing in it....that is what i tend to do :). Keep up the good work and the purposeful actions. I know I always feel better about myself after I exercise.

WWSuzi said...

Good for you on looking after yourself! We all need to do that more.