Saturday, February 06, 2010

I started my day out right with a nice protein laden meal. We had Baked Egg Cups

Baked egg cups

So why did I need a good nutritous breakfast? Well, let me tell you!


Yes, snow! Lots of snow. At 9 this morning we were at about 18-19 inches. And let me tell's still coming down at close to an inch an hour..supposed to go through the evening....8PM apparently. Ohhh, so that still doesn't explain why I needed a nutritious breakfast? Well, all that snow needs to be moved!!! I worked outside this morning for a couple hours. Let me tell you! I'm going to count moving that HEAVY (yes, it's a really wet snow) as an upper body strength workout! Yikes, am I ever sore!

After working outside for a few hours, I came inside and low and behold it was time to make lunch! I made Taco soup. and cornbread.

December 23, 2008 (114 of 365)

Now here I am warming up and relaxing. Todd and I are planning on going out to walk down the road for a bit this afternoon. All good fun!


Anonymous said...

I bet you burned some serious calories shoveling all that snow. Gorgeous picture of the snow!!

Vanessa Miller said...

That snow was indeed heavy. I'm so pooped and I plan to get my eat on for dinner :)

V again said...

In my haste I forgot to add that those egg cups look yummy.

I am heating a can of clam chowder Joe brought home from Wegman's. 530 calories and 32 grams fat. Yikes! Now I don't feel so cavalier :)

SeaShore said...

Snow shovelling is definitely a workout!

JC said...

Love the snow laden tree picture. Oh and the cornbread looks yummy. I didn't move any snow this weekend but I did make WW version of Taco soup.

Anonymous said...

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