Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grocery day

Grocery day, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.

Yes, I have had a small victory. Yesterday morning I left for work at 7:30. I grabbed a banana for my lunch so that I could leave work and head straight off to my errands. All was good. I hit up store after store. And then I made it to the grocery store. I was getting hungry. I smelled the bakery and donuts as soon as I walked into the store. I steadfastly ignored the bakery department. I did my shopping and then had some difficulty finding the pumpernickle bread that TOdd requested. Taking a deep breath, I headed toward the bakery. Success! I found the bread. I picked it up and was ready to head out of there as fast as the wheels on the cart would turn. And then I noticed that the bread was not sliced. I made my way to the counter. I stood over chocolate eclairs, individual slices of cake and other scrumptious looking goodies while the worker sliced the loaf of bread. I stood next to the absolutely delicious smelling and looking doughnuts. My mouth was salivating. As I pushed my cart out of the bakery area, my steps slowed. I was so close to those doughnuts. I was right there. I could get one and eat it in the car before I was even out of Hagerstown! I stopped the cart. I looked at the doughnuts, thinking about which one (I was determined to keep it at one) I would get. Suddenly I shook my head and started to push the cart out of that area....without my doughnut. You see, the last few weeks I've let my sadness and depression rule my eating. I've eaten what I wanted to always thinking that "I'll start tomorrow". Tomorrow would never come if I kept that thinking. So I started at that moment. I will admit that I went home and broke into a 100 calorie pack of soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies....and I had another banana. But I think in the grand scheme of things a 100 calorie snack pack and a banana was a whole lot better than that doughnut (or two...or three....or whereever I would have stopped).


WWSuzi said...

I definitely need a mini you on my shoulder when i go shopping :)

Sevenbeads said...

What a huge success. I can only imagine how strong that made you feel. Back in the day, I could go forever with a diet that started "tomorrow" if I were standing in the bakery today. Now I think, "If not now ... when?"

Terrific post!

lindalou said...

Wowsa !!
Good job!!

SeaShore said...

Well done! I know how hard the bakery is for you. I'm really impressed. You were much better off with the banana and the snack.

Anonymous said...

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