Friday, February 12, 2010

The existence of ignorance

Icicles, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.

Well, we are slowly starting to get back to a more normal routine here. However, yesterday about an hour or so before I was to leave work and go home, I got a frantic call from my husband telling me that my car could "PROBABLY" make it home. We both have cars...Hondas. They do great in the snow...but deep snow is a no go. The problem. Our back road is experiencing some massive drifting. He said that he only got home by the good graces of other people on the road that helped him by pushing him out and helping to clear the road ahead of him. And he was involved in a tiny fender bender. So tiny that he was not injured nor was the car damaged. So I had a friend and her husband pick me up in their four wheel drive. We ended up going out to dinner with them. (I think we all needed to get out!) The problem? The restaurant messed up my meal. I got it for free......AND they gave me a free dessert. Uhhhhhhhhh do you really even have to ask? Free dessert! of course I ate it! haa haa haa So my attempt to get started back with eating healthy was a bit of a bomb!

Part of me sometimes wonders if I'd be happier by just accepting that I"m overweight and to stop trying. I honestly don't think so...I've had the taste of what thin feels like and I want it.....but I can't help thinking about how it would be so nice to go back to the existence of ignorance! that beauty of not having to think about what I'm eating, how much I'm exercising. Just enjoying food for what it is....tasty. Innocence!


JC said...

Love the picture. We are waiting for snow to arrive in the deep south as I type. The heat in my office isn't working and I've been told it will be in a couple of hours. I figure by then the school will be closing. Oh, well, that is not what I meant to say. I love the pic. It made me smile and be thankful I'm not there. I'm so glad you and your hubby are safe. I would have eaten the desert and enjoyed it. I know what you mean about longing for the days of eating bliss.

VRaz60 said...

Gotta love the snow, don't ya? We're tired of it around here, too.

I can certainly identify with your feelings about just giving up. It sure feels as tho' it would be easier. I'm not going to, but there are so many times I could. I think that's why I chose the 1# per week route, it sounds easier.

Drive safely, and stay warm.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your hubby is ok...yikes!

Free dessert...honey nobody passes that up :)

I know how you feel about the constant mental drain of food/exercise/weight loss thoughts. It's hard. I would love to erase parts of my memory that contributed to my eating issues. Hang in there...

On the Weight Loss Journey said...

I feel your pain. I attended a funeral the other day and at the gathering at the home afterwords the church members had provided LOTS of food and LOTS of desserts - especially pies! Losing weight and being "skinny" doesn't mean that we always have to say no to such foods. Moderation is the key. It is ok to take that side trail once in awhile to enjoy a beautiful vista. Then it's time to get back on the trail for that journey that we are on. Best of luck to you!

lindalou said...

Miss you, Maryfran. Don't go away, Don't give up. How's weight watchers going??