Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is this an excuse???

I went over my points today...and blew my numbers. I'm rather disgusted as I wanted to make the 6 weeks (even though my body is NOT giving up the weight)

Oh what you may ask. Well....we live in the land of stink bug invasion. They are terrible around here. IT's terrible. And they keep getting into my house. I get rid of them and they get in again. I can't figure it out.

ANYWAY....I was sitting here on my computer tonight and I had my big 64 ounce water jug/bottle sitting here. I absently reached for it and brought it to my lips. I tilted it back and opened up my mouth........and immediately began to feel and hear a crackling in my mouth! My first thought was 'how did a piece of paper get on top of that water bottle spout'. Then I tasted the awful taste and felt this burning sensation on my tongue, even as I spit out the crackling 'piece of paper' onto my hand. Ohhh my was a stink bug!!!! I ran to the sink and kept shoveling water into my mouth and washing my mouth out. I got a big glass of water and inserted my tongue into the water. Ohhh my word...the bad taste was gone but the burning sensation was still there! Todd was concerned but then started to laugh hystarically when he heard and saw me. He instructed me to drink milk. I did it. Fat free of course....1 cup.....2 points. I stuck my tongue in that milk and drank it (have I ever said that I don't really like milk??) Sadly, the milk didn't help and my tongue just burns and stings!!! It's terrible!!!!

SOOOOOOOOO......2 points over what I should have!!!!! SHUCKS!!!

This day is just turning out to be one hoot after another...first the commando the stink bug....should I just go to bed now and call this day over??????


Donna B said...

we have those things here as well and they seem to get in through th screens somehow. Haven't ever tasted one and don't care to, but I did get a fly in my coffee one day. Snuck into my travel myg and when I took a swig, you'll never guess what I felt going down! YUCKO!

WWSuzi said...

Oh my you are having quite the day today :) I've never even seen those bugs!! But i have gone commando with workout pants and had the same thing happen!! Sorry should have warned you :)

SeaShore said...

Eeewwww! Okay, I'm surprised you didn't vomit a couple points! I'm sure I would have :p

Those 2pts were purely medicinal! Emergency measures.

I hope your tongue feels better.

Deborah said...

Oh, Geesh, you had me gagging along with you! I've done that with Japanese Beetles but at least they don't leave a stinging tongue. Sure hope it's better today.

I laughed so hard I cried on the commando post. Live and learn, eh?