Saturday, October 31, 2009

I think I did pretty good at the potluck yesterday. I didn't go hog wild. Yet I did indulge a bit. And my indulgence? I SPLIT a cheese danish with my manager! SPLIT!!! That has been a foreign concept with me lately. Taking the taco soup was a brilliant move. It gave me something really filling to eat!

Meanwhile, last night as I was watching tv some thoughts went through my head. And all of a sudden I realized that losing weight was more important than eating what I want, when I want it. I have a couple reasons why this came to me...and why it became ultra important to me.....nope...not sharing. But they are there and these reasons will push me I'm sure.

Nothing profound today...just a reaffirmation that I'm on the right track.


Sevenbeads said...

You're sounding good! Splitting something (dessert, entree, candy bar, etc) is a great way to enjoy the taste and minimize the damage. It also makes me feel in control.

Cole Walter Mellon said...

It always amazes me when I split a dish with someone and then it winds up filling me up. In the bad ol' days, I would have eaten both halves and gone back for more.

Keep up the great work.

Teresa said...

Better half then all. And it is usually enough to satisfy that feeling. Good job.

Leisa said...

Hi Fran just found you blog - pictures look great. Curious, do you make a point to eat plenty of protein? That has made the biggest difference for me. If I just focus on getting a minimum of 100 grams protein per day, all the other good food choices come easier. I blog about how finding just 15 new favorite foods will jump-start fat burning at

SeaShore said...

Congratulations on doind so well yesterday. Far better than I did.

Having reasons that have meaning and importance to myself are what keep me going. I hear ya.