Saturday, October 03, 2009


Don't have too much to say right now. I'm not happy with my weight. I'm not happy at all. I'm hoping that it's the monthly water retention coupled with no water drinking yesterday....but I'm 2 pounds up! And I'm worried because I'm going to a potluck dinner tonight for a meeting that I'm attending. Ohhh ohhh!

Stats for October 2, 2009

No formal exercise

Water: less than 20 ounces

homemade egg sandwich
two slices pizza
1 serving wheat pretzels
1/4 cup baked beans
1/4 cup potato salad
Burning Bridge Sub (Gandolfo's)
Cinnamon cookies....3 Yeah, I shouldn't have had these

So yes, you can see where I didn't drink. I was sorely lacking in fruits and veggies. And itw as a bit (just slightly...haa haa haa) carb laden!


Vanessa Miller said...

Uh-oh. Was it a big sub? Sorry to hear about the weight uppage. This is the day where you don't think, "Well; since my weight is up I should just eat what I want anyway." In case you were thinking it.

:) Is uppage a word? Oh well.

WWSuzi said...

Those darn carbs get me everytime!!

Sevenbeads said...

Two pounds can only be water. You didn't eat enough to gain 2 pounds of fat. Give it time but I know how frustrating it is.