Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Good morning! Today is my half day at work, thus I am here bright and early. BUT, I get off at noon! WOOOOO Hoooo! The afternoon is jammed packed with things to do. A gym visit is first and foremost on the plans. Among other things we have to mow at mom and dad's house, take care of their cat while they are away, pick up pain meds for Ethel, attend travelogue tonight, and of course go to dinner. I am determined to keep my eating under control. Before we leave I'll be making lunch....a zucchini casserole that we like...VERY low point! Yes, I know that I declared the garden done...but I picked about 10 pounds of green peppers yesterday, Todd dug up a huge slew of carrots, and I picked a few more zucchini. It's never ending!

My weight is flucuating this week between 211.6 and 212.6. It's frustrating because today is a 212.6 day. I'm just holding on...knowing that the weight will drop. I know that there are extenuating circumstances that are causing my weight to stay up even in the face of my proper eating. (water retention...I had some high sodium foods yesterday added to the oncoming monthly ick. AND I have started working out. That sometimes causes a little spike of I'm just determined to wait out the weight!

Today is a strength training day at the gym. I have decided that I'm going to do strength training 2-3 times a week. (yeah, I'm famous for making these edicts.....but I really do want to do it). As I lose this weight again, I want to be toned. I read somewhere that the flabby skin is best hidden by putting muscles where the fat used to be. Soooo I'm going to try it. As I lose this last 30 pounds I'm going to work on toning up also!

Speaking of the last 30. Todd doesn't read my blog (at least that I know I don't care if he does...but I just don't think he does. So I don't think he is aware of my thoughts about turning 180 into my final goal. Well yesterday we were running a few errends and as we pulled into the parking lot at Best Buy we were talking about our one doctor that is HUGE and about a year ago told me that at my age that he thought I should be between 160 and 180 (basically going against the BMI recommended weight). He said that even the low end of 160 may be a push for me. The Doctor's exact words were 'it's not impossible, but you would have to be in professional athletic shape." Soooo Todd and I were talking about that and Tood told me that he really thinks that 180 was the perfect weight for me. He went on to site reasons why...but he cemented in the 180 as my goal. We were talking and Todd was like, make it your goal to be 180 and work on toning up (woah...that's what I've been he a mind reader??) and see what happens at that point...but he is in agreement with my parents that my face was looking very gaunt when i was making forays into the 170's. Soooooo there you have goal...approved and recommended by my doctor and my husband.

Stats for September 29, 2009

Gym visit...all cardio

egg/cheese sandwich (homemade)
green beans
pudding cup
2 fat free turkey hot dogs
2 hot dog buns
baked beans
banana split pie...ok ok ok...two servings. BUT, that would count for two servings of fruit! And I put in extra fruit in my banana split pie...double the banana...double the strawberries and I added pineapple!


Teresa said...

The banana split pie is making me hungry. That will be a new dessert for us. Zuccini casserole, interesting. I made the last recipe I got from you and it was great, I've gone blank and can't remember what it was. Good luck at the gym.

Megan @ Megzz Wins At Life said...

Good Luck at the gym.. SOunds like a really busy day!! Enjoy getting off at 12!

bbubblyb said...

Have fun at the gym. My goal weight is 178 so very close to yours. I say a goal weight should be where we think we can maintain it. Why pick 160 and then spend forever to get there and then not be able to maintain it when you do. Really this is about being healthy anyway I say.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading for a while and i'm just glad you told us what your weight frustrating to read blogs where no numbers are ever mentioned....just "i gained or i lost".
Thanks for keeping it real. it just seems more open and honest when real numbers are discussed.
And be assured , many of us, (me) weigh much more than you. You've done GREAT!
lititz, pa