Thursday, September 24, 2009

Food for thought!

Wow..posts in one day...but I was reading some other blogs and low and behold I hit upon this one....and wowzers, did it really hit me square in the forhead. This simple one line "If you want to change, you can’t just be in love with the end result, you have to fall in love with the process too." Striks a huge chord. I was/am totally in love with the end result...with me at 180 (a year ago)...that I've lost focus on the current process and in reality the current me. Please please please read this post!!!! I promise it will be worth your time!!!


Rebecca said...

Believe me, I am still a little stunned every time I think about it Mary Fran! Thanks for the shout out!

Big Girl said...

I think that says it all. thanks for sharing the link.

JC said...

Well, Mary Fran, I'm definitely not in love with the process right now. Great post thanks for the link. I've read a half dozen post before I got back to make a comment.