Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm in a much better place emotionally. Yeah, the bad stuff still gets to me....but I'm trying to focus on the good stuff. I would say that one of the big things that has helped being able to focus on the control that I've had with my eating the last few days. As my funk increased, I became more determined to beat the funk and not give into the 'happy eating' that usually occurs. I'm happy to say that I actually have been doing well. Yesterday I made a lower fat/calorie version of a 'happy food' but that's the name of the game. When I sit down and think about it, when I have control over my eating, I really and truely do feel so empowered and strong...and that carried over and helped me feel empowered in every day life. Kinda neat.

Feeling empowered and strong just from beating a few days of my food addiction issues is really a good feeling. Addiction transfer???? I would be HAPPY to trade my food addiction to being addicted to being in control!!!

I've also beeen looking through and getting ready to try a whole slew of new recipes...and to me, that is sooo fun!!!

I've also decided that I am not going to worry about small goals on my way down (the 200 mark, every 10 pounds...or whatever). I am setting up my one final goal that I never reached. I had originally said 150 and we were going on a vacation of my choice....I was torn between a cruise, a trip to the bahamas...some all inclusive resort, or Disney world. SOOOOO I know that at 180 I was happy with my weight....people were commenting and telling me that my face was actually too gaunt. So I'm aiming for 180 as my final goal at this point. So when I get to 180....we are taking that trip. To add an 20 year high school reunion should be next year....and what a pity (haa haa haa) it is in if I can combine that with my trip to Disney (I haven't been there since we moved from FL right about the time of my graduation from high school...and Todd's never been there). My employers also put a hold on raises this year....they were actually upset about this and in appreciation to our understanding and acceptance (what else could we least we have they have given us a week extra of vacation time to use by the end of next year. I also have an extra week of vacation time...PERFECT!!! A valid reason. Extra vacation time to use. AND a goal to reach!!! So I have a goal. As of yesterday morning 31 pounds by next summer. That's REALLY doable. My realistic (should be realitively easy) goal is to be under 200 by Christmas (11 pounds) "I'd be over the moon" goal would be 190 by Christmas (21 pounds in 3 months...still quite doable).

My plan is to make it to the gym today!!!! I've got to get serious about the exercise. Exercise will help me make that goal!!!

The one other thing that I did that I think has helped to lift my spirits...even though I have dreaded doing it because it means I'm admitting that temporary failure of gaining that I broke down and went to Sears. When we bought our freezer earlier this summer we opted for the free delivery. You pay it up front, and then get it back in the mail. I opted for the gift card, knowing that I can always find a pair of tennis shoes or SOMETHING there. Well, earlier this week I got it in the mail $82.50. I knew immediately what I was going to do. Buy clothes that fit me. I hated to do it because I was giving in and admitting that I gained weight and that my clothes no longer fit. I was looking at it as being a failure....I'm buying clothes in the next size up! And not only was I feeling like a failure, but I was wasting my money on this failure by having to buy new clothes But I've been miserable for weeks upon end as I shove myself into the same few articles of clothing that still fit (most quite tightly) day in and day out. So when this gift card was almost like 'free money' (yeah, I know that in reality I paid for it....) and it freed me to spend the money. Sears had some REALLY good deals. I bought 2 pairs of work/dress pants in neutral colors (I found a pair a few weeks ago for 3 bucks so I have one pair of dress pants that I've been wearing numerous times each week) and 11 tops for my 82.50! I shopped carefully and tried to buy stuff that fit me perfectly (nothing loose to 'allow' myself to gain even more weight) and also things that I can wear even after I lose weight. I bought a shells and camisole type shirts to go under my button down shirts that I can't wear right now (gained weight...the buttons are gaping across my chest area on my button down shirts) I can play with them and get more use out of them.

So all that said....Food for September 26, 2009

Baked Sugar n' Spice Doughnuts
Vegetable soup
garlic bread
roasted potatoes
Fruit bar-strawberry


Amazon Runner said...

Glad you're feeling better! Yes, exercise will help you lose more weight and it helps you feel better too!

SeaShore said...

Sounds like a successful shopping trip.

Your goal is doable. Good luck!

Sevenbeads said...

It's so important to wear clothing that makes you feel pretty NOW. A good self image fosters success and your clothes will just become looser, not unwearable. I have quite a few blouses that are presently "jackets" because they don't button at all or gape unattractively. I like the term "happy food."