Monday, September 14, 2009


COOOOKIES, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.

Ate wayyyy to much fair food at the Renaissance Festival yesterday. The food was fabulous. The entertainment enthralling and it was just a plain good fun day. We walked a whole lot!!!! It was my last hurrah before returning to work and I vowed that my return to work would also usher in my new focus on exercise and eating right.


VRaz60 said...

Well, ya know, sometimes a little fair food is ok. I had to remind myself not to get used to eating like that, tho'. I'm sure you're already back on track, so no harm done.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

At least you got a lot of walking in along with the cookies. I've never been to a Renaissance Festival, but would love to go!

Teresa said...

Oh my, now I want a cookie. I can't remember the last one I had. I haven't gone to a fair or festival in years, and I know I would have to try everything there. :)