Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Todd and I were watching Dr. G Medical Examiner last night on Tv. The show was centered upon diagnosis' that are basically a result of poor choices by the decedent. The first guy was a guy that weighed 400 pounds....Dr. G. talked about how the obesity of this patient just made things so much more difficult in diagnosis...even after his death. What got me and just really made me think was when she was talking about how she had to cut through 8-10 inches of fat before she could even see the organs. And then it was a battle of moving all of that fat out of the way. She talked about how during an autopsy of an obese person, that everything is just so greasy. Greasey? That is what got me. Grease? Well, yeah, it makes sense...fat is basically coagulated grease (well, kinda). But that is what got to me....that my stomach, is a big pile of grease. Well looky there. I looked at Todd and he looked at me. I had just finished my brownie and a glass of milk. He still had a few bites of his brownie and ice cream (he had ice cream, I chose not to) to eat. We both looked at our plates...mine empty and his with a few bites and it put a whole new spin on eating junk food.

Productive this morning. Woke up and got all of the laundry done. (well, the last load is in the dryer and needs folded). Washed the dishes (how do they pile up so quickly...I had cleaned them all after dinner last night). I played with lil' mertz. Checked my email. AND I hopped on that darn bike and rode this morning!

Now to just get my eating under control today. We are going out to eat with friends tonight to a place I've never been...so I'm not sure how I'll do. I'll try my best though.


F. McButter Pants said...

Man....I was eating breakfast! lol

What better reason to stay the course.

Teresa said...

I watched last night too. I must have started watching right after that episode. That is gross. Try checking online for a nutrition guide on the restaurant. If it's a chain, usually they have one.

My trainer is an ebook I purchased online from a friend of mines trainer. I just do what it says. So far so good.