Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joy joy...the downward slide (downward on the scales that is) continueth! Down even further today! I have to confess....I did not ride my bike this morning. I woke up and stumbled to my computer where I did the facebook thing, checked my email and read all the new posts on some of the blogs that I read...and just putzed around online. Lazy butt that I am. I work until 6 and I've got a realatively easy meal planned for Todd and I. After that, I have already politely asked (aka informed) my husband that we are goign to get some things done around the house. The screened in porch is in shambles! I know a lot of that is my fault as when I'm canning I run out and root through things to get the jars that I need. But tonight it will be organized! We also should mow the lawn. I may have him mow it and I'll follow up with the rake and gather up all those wonderful clippings for the compost pile! Wait, maybe I'll work on the trees that he cut down! Something. I'm just going to try to be active tonight!

Soooo did anyone read the article on brain function and obesity? Yes, apparently obese people have diminished brain capabilities. Just one more thing to scare us!

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SeaShore said...

Oh, I get that lazy butt too. Yesterday I was going to exercise, but then got completely derailed by the computer and... you know the rest!