Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Best laid plans seem to fail. I got home and Todd was out picking up gas for the chipper....he got home and by then it was 7. He was like, lets just work tomorrow and not work outside tonight. Well, part of me was tickled to death because I really didn't want to work outside last night, I mean...wasn't the morning weeding enough? (haa haa haa) So I wasn't overly upset. But this morning I look back and want to kick myself. The reason? Dinner was planned around our heavy outdoor work. I had chosen a meal for dinner that was a littler higher in calorie count. I try to plan those types of meals around our activities. When we are active, I can make those meals. When we are more sluggardly I make the lower calorie count meals. Makes sense. UNTIL something throws a monkey wrench in the works. The rain threw that darn monkey wrench on Sunday. Plain laziness and time constraints did it yesterday.

Somehow, someway...I have to balance everything that's going on in my life. It seems as if I run run run and get stuff done...but no where near enough of what I need/want to get done. Yeah, the canning is caught up (as of SUnday night) and the weeding in the garden is done. The laundry is halfway done, the house is relatively clean and I did work yesterday. But did I get any formal exercise in the last two days? No! I bought some antique bottles for my collection on Saturday. I haven't had the chance to even look at them until this morning...and all I did was unwrap them so that the bags were not sitting around. How does one chose what is important? I'd say that exercise should be right up there. But yet we eat the produce from our garden year round...so I'd say canning is right up there also. Work? Well, yeah...that's pretty darn important. Clean clothes? Saturday was a day for me.....mental health...I had to take a break from it all. I guess I'm balancing it all except for exercise and I just don't know how to effectively get that in. ARRGGGHHH


JC said...

O.K. well I've posted about my Big Fishy Dr. appointment so you can give me your opinion.

Now for you, I think as long as your moving your exercising and all you have been doing is definitely moving "Formal or not". I didn't go to Curves Saturday but I lifted stacking chair and help move them and hook them together for two hours. I think that counts as exercise. My arms and shoulders are sore. I think you are too hard on yourself but then maybe you feel like you have to be.

I know I've had way to much fast food in the last couple of weeks so I gotta correct that.

WWSuzi said...

Balance is what life is all about!! Sometimes my exercise is just putting my mp3 on while doing dishes and bopping around the kitchen when a good song comes on :)

Michelle said...

hi MaryFran! One thing I've done lately to try to get exercise in is I made a shorter exercise plan. My gym plan used to take quite a while but now I've got it down to under an hour. You could have a shorter plan and a longer plan and do whichever you feel you have time for. You could create a 1/2 hour plan, you'd still be meeting the US Gov't recommended 1/2 hour per day :)

And...I definitely think you should get a road bike. You will LOVE how fast you feel (and are) on skinny tires. They are lighter too, which makes them easier to deal with. I was a little wobbly on mine the first day (as in, whoa, this is different, not as in falling) but after that I was all zoom zoom!! Go for it!

And thank you for being such a great support, as always!

She-Fit said...

Balancing life can be hard at times... esp in the american society where everything is go go go. You can exercise in so many different ways... get creative. It doesn't have to be a set time of going to the gym, but take a walk with a friend, put a little more effort into that vacuum... you would be surprised at how many calories you can burn from folding laundry. Sounds weird but but a little dance into it while folding :)