Thursday, July 09, 2009

Game on!

I'm highly competative. Last summer I rode my exercise bike and walked like a madwoman. WHy? Because there was a competition out here in blog world that was giving away a new pair of sneakers. I rode and rode and rode. I walked and then walked some more. I kept detailed records of how long and how much. And when it was all over, I received my new pair of tennis shoes because I had won! I do not like to lose!

SOOOOO last night when a friend talked about coming to visit in September and threw in there tht she hoped to be down 10 pounds by then, I couldn't help but throw down the gauntlet. 10 pounds you say? Well, the person that loses the most is the winner...and the other person must buy the winner an article of clothing that costs between 20 and 30 bucks. (basically under $30!) Ohhhh game on! I can so do this! SOOO tomorrow morning I get my morning start weight and I'll be off and running! (well, off and biking)

You see, that's the other thing. I was biking so regulalry. But after the June ride in Lancaster, I kinda fell off the bicycle bandwagon. Not that I dont'want to ride...I just don't feel like moving at all. But that has to change. I've got 2 months left until my next ride! (which incidentally will be the same week that my friend comes to visit!)

So it's game on. NO more dilly dallying around. Today, has been a slow day at work (REAL slow). I'm toying with the idea of going back to weight watcher meetings. Financially I shouldn't...but that weekly meeting really is something that I feel I need! I'm happy counting my calories and all that..but.....who knows.


Donna B said...

If WW helps, you go girl! I'll support you no matter what.....that bike ride is only 8 weeks away and I too want to be down 10#'s and break our time records. You know I really want to do a 50 miler! We can do it! keep up the good work.

F. McButter Pants said...

Get on your bike and ride! you will knock out those 10 PDQ (pretty damn quick).

Your friend doesn't stand a chance! Go back to WW. I don't count points or anything, but the person to person thing is what keeps me going. I know I can't reaaly afford it, but I can't afford not to. For now!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I totally understand that competitive aspect. I'm just like that. :) You can totally to this! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey stranger, I have been wanting to get into bike riding. I have an awesome bike just rotting away in my garage. You have just motivated me to get that bike rack and to go bike riding :)

JC said...

Glad you found some motivation. I think going back to WW at least for a little will help. I need to get back there myself.