Thursday, July 16, 2009

day two for one thing and 57 left for another

57 days till my next bike event. Uhhh yeah, maybe if I keep writing this I'll actually get my butt onto the seat of my bike and ride! :-)

Yesterday evening I stayed right where I needed to be with my eating and I feel good about what I did. Today is a new day and I'm determined to make today a success also. Howver, I already talked myself out of exercise this morning. On the flip side, I did go out for about an hour and picked raspberries. Does that count for anything???? So anyway, I'm working on day two of being back on track. Tonight, after dinner and after those raspberries are all attended to (preserved, canned, frozen, whatever the mood strikes me to do) I need to move the ironing board in the bedroom. It's blocking the exercise bike...and it was piled with all the work clothes I've worn this week. this morning when I needed to iron, I just pushed all those clothes (which honestly need to make it to the laundry basket) onto the seat of the bike. Uhhhhh no wonder I didn't ride. I can't get to the bike, and if I could it's piled up! Ahhh good times.

Good times...Lil' Mertz (otherwise known as baby kitty) is doing really well. She's playful and growing like a weed. Todd calls her the poop machine as she eats and eats and well...that creates the poop. She's somehow learned the instinctive know where a cat crouches down and shakes their butt in anticipation. She's doing really good. She goes back to the vet for her shots next week! She 'lives' in our master bath but LOVES to come out to plan with the other cats. the only problem...she wants to explore and is she can get away from us quickly. Today I had her on the bed with me and before I could even call out a warning, she had run across the bed and jumped off. Litle wily thing that she is. So yes, my new baby is doing well. On the flip side....she's 'locked up' in that bathroom so much, that I pull her out every chance I can get...and that takes time....time away from exercise and whatnot!


Shelley said...

Glad to hear that Lil Mertz is doing so well...kittens are such great entertainment, I love to watch them!

Good job on clearing the clothes off of your exercise bike - that's step one. And I'm all about the baby steps, lol!

VRaz60 said...

Yeah, I know how handy the exercise bike can be for holding clothing, towels, just about anything but me and my big fat ass.

Sounds as tho' you're back on track and it's working for you. Keep at it, you know exactly how to do it.

SeaShore said...

Picking raspberries counts, and so does chasing after & playing with a kitten!!

Glad you had a good evening :) Last night I resisted the lure of takeout... just barely.

Anonymous said...

Aren't kittens the cutest?!My exercise bike works great for hanging clothes on the arms!

JC said...

Every piece of exercise equipment I've ever owned did a great job of holding clothes. I would think berry picking and cat chasing would count as exercise. Have a great Sunday.