Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ok, so maybe my gift was only temporary. this morning I jumped on the scales and I was up. YIKES...really up. As in 1.8 pounds up!!! What??? that's an aweful lot of poundage upwards!

Not gonna let it get to me though. Plod the job. I was thisty when I awoke, so that's one thing that may have affected me (I know when I'm thirsty/parched when I wake up that it usually heralds some dehydration. Ohhh wait...I ate dinner about 3 hours later than normal last night....and with dinner, I had a really big diet drink (isn't there a lot of sodium in diet drinks?). No right and it will come back off!

On to the sad news....the RedWings lost last night in the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Penguins took the cup. Booo hooooo we have to wait for a new season of hockey come fall.


F. McButter Pants said...

Plod on is right. Sometimes that's all I can do.

That poundage is will fall right off. You know what to do!

JC said...

Yep, diet sodas have a lot of sodium and other stuff that isn't particularly good for us. But, sometimes we just have to have some fizz. Like you said just keep ploddin along. I'm way up right now but just don't have time to fret over it.

Miz said...

no comment.

Im from Pittsburgh originally :)

SeaShore said...

Stupid fluid retention always messing with the scale!

I'm not a hockey fan, but I live in Sidney Crosby's hometown, so reaction to the game was a little different around here, lol.