Monday, April 20, 2009

WHEW! Yes, my bike ride is over. I'm actually quite sad. Because even though I was nervous, I had a blast!

First of all, it was absolutely great to meet Donna and her husband Andy! They totally rolled out the red carpet and welcomed us! Meeting someone that I have corresponded with for so long was a real treat and would have made the weekend special but then add that to the bike ride and it was splendid!

Saturday morning Todd and I woke up early (early for us) and headed out. The plan was to get to the early check in area for the bike event at around 10 or 10:30 and then have the day to sight-see and relax. Normally Todd and I do not get lost but wowzers, did we get lost. Somehow we totally got off the road and onto a totally different road without knowing it. So we didn't get to the early check in until about 11AM. I quickly checked in and got a recommendation for lunch. We went to a little dive looking place called Ortino's. I got a Pesto Turkey Wrap and a side salad. Quite tasty. (Todd got a salad and a veggie burger). From there we headed south to Valley Forge. We did a little of the tourist thing there. (As a side note...what an awesome place to be active! We saw horses, bikes, runners, walkers, roller bladers, sunbathers, etc). After Valley Forge we headed up to meet Donna and Andy. Great couple (yes donna, I'm being honest and saying this even though I know your reading it...don't let it go to your head...tee hee hee). We went to a vineyard where Todd did some taste testing and purchased a few bottles of wine. I'll admit, when we pulled up I was a tad bit skeptical as it looked like a total dive. I was wondering what in the world I had found online and I was thinking that I drug everyone there and it was going to be a bust. However, it was a good lesson to not judge a book by it's cover. After the wine tasting and purchase we headed toward dinner. We ate at a great place called The Perk. I got the tortellini with two big meatballs. It was sooo very yummy! And yes, I ate a little of Bessie the cow. But hey, I never said I was going to go totally beefless! After dinner we finished our tour of the town and then relaxed and chitchatted with our new friends.

Saturday morning dawned early. I awoke nervous. This was it! It was time to sink or swim! I showered and got ready to go. We had breakfast and we were off. We arrived at the park where the ride was to begin at around 7AM and we unloaded our bikes. I had a bit of a panic as somewhere somehow I had misplaced my bib number. Yes, I know that I was rider number 68...but where was the pesky bib number. I tore apart the bags in the trunk...I searched the car high and low, it was not there! YIKES! Oh well, Donna and I had walked to get the cue sheets and I had figured out that I didn't really need the number as I had already received my goody bag and my meal ticket was actually an armband (can be worn in the shower...teee hee hee) that I did have. Soooo by about 7:20 or so, we were on our bikes and heading out. We had decided to head out as early as possible so that we didn't have to worry about our speed and we could go at our own pace and stop when we wanted. The scenery was wonderful! The temperature (for the whole weekend) was fabulous! We rode. My head was on a swivel and I babbled on for the first half of the trip. I didn't talk as much the second half. :-) The first half, while more hilly was my favorite. We were on back roads. The second half of the ride was in more developed areas. Just my personal preference. I am proud to say that I rode every inch of the ride...which actually ended up being 26 miles instead of 25. I didn't break any speed records and the hills were done at a snails pace....but I did them!!!!

Getting back to the park was extremely exhilarating! I had done it! It felt great! We talked a while and then we got in line for our lunch. Lunch for me was a grilled chicken sandwich and a Cesar salad. Food tastes so good after exercise. :-) While waiting in line for our food I received the shock of my life. Posted nearby was a list of the top three fundraisers. Whatdaya know....I as number three! We went back to where the boys were and we were eating. Todd ran up to get a picture of the poster and heard them calling my name. I went and they gave me a $100 gift certificate to thank me for my fundraising. It was to the local bike shop!. We talked to Andy and Donna for a bit more and then we headed out. We had a long drive in front of us and we now had to stop at the bike shop so that I could spend my money. (Oh yeah, and the massage...I paid for a massage on my shoulder before we left). At the bike shop I briefly contemplated buying a new bike (I want one!) but decided that buying a bike 4 hours from home would not be the most prudent thing. SO I instead bought the cutest bike skort and bike jersey that matched! Absolutely adorable! And then it was off toward home!

My shoulder. I was so nervous about this ride due to my shoulder. I kept praying for my shoulder to be ok for the ride. On Saturday my shoulder did pretty good. ON Sunday while I could feel a dull ache, the shoulder was GREAT! After my ride I utilized the massage therapists that they had on the premises (it was a dollar a minute donation for a massage...with the money going toward the organization that put on the ride) . I figured it was wise to try to keep my muscle as limber as possible, and the massage therapist from last week agreed that if I could get a massage on Sunday to go for it. So I did. This therapist (the Sunday one) told me that in terms of degree of how bad this is....on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst my shoulder was an 8 at that time. And that was with no sharp pains...only the dull ache. Heavens, what was it before the first massage???? I spent much of my time on Saturday forcing myself to relax and trying to help my muscles relax. (yeah, I'm weird). Anyway, not as much pain on Sunday. So I wake up optimistic today and BAM...pain abounds! So today has been a rough day. Go figure....but hey, I prayed specifically for my shoulder to be ok on Sunday. It was ok on Sunday...but just!

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day. But it was hectic! We ended up taking Jodi to the vet for an emergency visit. $120 later and we were home. We had a quick lunch at home and then we were off back to town and a fun day of errands. We hit up the grocery store (actually two) a health food store, a craft store (yep, two of those), a friends place, oh yeah and we got an oil change in Todd's car. Got home, unloaded and put away the groceries and it was time (past time) to make dinner. So just busy and hectic!

Took today off from exercise. Looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow.


Donna B said...

Sorry to hear about the pain today in your shoulder. Hope it feels better tomorrow! Ache and pains I can live with after the exhilerating weekend with our new found friends! Did you see the event raised $50,000 and we were a part of it? Congrats again on winning a prize for the donations you collected! You go girl! can't wait until we can do it again! Back on the saddle again tomorrow to start training for the next event! Hope Jodi is better!

MizFit said...

fun & impressive!!

hows the shoulder now? perhaps one more day of active rest if it's still aching?

VRaz60 said...

Sounds as tho' you are on a real whirlwind tour of life. Never a dull moment. The ride sounded wonderful. Beautiful scenery makes the time go a little faster, doesn't it? Congratulations again.

Vanessa M said...

Congratulations on a great ride! It was gorgeous Sunday and I thought of you out there peddling away :)

And how wonderful to make new friends and to share the experience! I'm proud of you girl! Hope you get to participate in a ride in future.

Anonymous said...

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