Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Update

Dropped again. Yessir-ee-bob. My weight dropped again this morning. Not much. And not that I expect huge drops each and everyday. But I do like to see the numbers slowly but surely go down!

This morning I headed out on my bike and rode for 21 miles. I was actually hoping to go longer, but I had to get back because my parents were going to be picking us up as we were going to lunch together. This long biking stuff really does take time out of a busy schedule! Yeah yeah yeah, I could have gone earlier, but earlier it was a heck of a lot colder! I rode most of the time by myself but then when I was at a predetermined point, I called home and Todd rode out and met me, so I had company for the last 2-3 miles. That was nice and made those last few miles...those miles that always seem to drag on endlessly, fly by!

Went to a little diner in the next small town over from where I live. (Betty's in Shepherdstown). The food was fabulous as always. I got a half of a turkey sub (no cheese...lots of veggies on it), applesauce and a side of green beans. Man, did that food ever taste good! Food tastes so much better after a good workout! I did splurge and eat about a third of a helping of bread pudding that had a whiskey sauce on it. Nope, not the healthiest thing, but I have the points for it today. Dinner tonight for me will be lots of fresh fruits and veggies. So even without really breaking into the AP's or flex points, I'll be ok on my pointage!


Deborah said...

Nice ride. So glad the hubby was able to meet you to help on they last few miles. Company always helps.

Good job on the dining out too.

And, congrats on the loss!! You Rock!!

Danielle said...

Yay for a loss (of any kind!)...!

WWSuzi said...

Congrats on going down, down, down :)

MizFIt said...

thats so sweet and SO SUPPORTIVE of Todd.
I love it.

VRaz60 said...

Way to go!! Both on the ride and the loss. Goin' the right direction. Keep up the great work.