Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ride news

Went out on the bike yesterday....I don't know why, but my legs are soooo freakin' sore today! there is no reasoning behind it. I've done worse rides (with wind...or hills) and no problem. It seems like this leg aching pain after a ride hits mysteriously with no warning or reasoning. (One time I had done a large road ride with hills and was fine...but a day or so later did a little 9 miler on the canal...flat...and that small easy ride wiped me out!) I've got to figure this stuff out. Maybe it's something that I'm eating! That doesn't seem likely..but hey, you never know.

Meanwhile, it's rainy today. With the weight gone from my body and thereby my knees, it's easy to forget that I suffer from arthritis. When I was larger, the knees always hurt from the immense pressure that my weight was putting on them...but that constant pain has eased up. Now it's just changes in the weather that put a little pain in the knees. As I said's raining. Thus the knees are hurting! ARRGGGHHH

So yep, my knees legs ache from my ride! I'm just feeling 'peachy'.

Ohhhhh I almost didn't say anything. My ride yesterday 24.04. It wasn't until much later....after the ride, that my legs started to ache. Hey, I can deal with that! Ride like the wind, pay the price later! :-)


WWSuzi said...

I find my arthritis is like that i don't feel it at the time but i get up the next day and wowsa's!!
The dr once told me use it or lose it and that i definitely do :)
Good for you on pushing ahead even when it hurts later!!

VRaz60 said...

With my arthritis I notice that any change in weather causes a stiffness in the knee. I've had one knee replacement, and I'm trying to avoid another. But, it is funny how weather does affect the joints. I used to laugh at my Mom when she complained about that very thing. Great ride, by the way.

Big Girl said...

24 miles! that's great. Hope your body is feeling better.

Deborah said...

And you think the arthritis hurts now? Wait until you're my age!

I was a catcher on a softball teamin my late 20's-early 30's and I am paying the price for that now.

I can't imagine what on earth is causing your legs to hurt some rides and not others. Could it be your water consumption? Water has something to do with muscles doesn't it?