Monday, March 30, 2009

Hail, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.
Yesterday I was pondering exercise and if I should go outside and ride or if I should 'wimp' out and ride on the exercise bike. After all, it was calling for rain! AND the roads were wet! I mean, come on! But, I started to think and realized that on the day of my bike ride, I may be riding on wet roads. I may be riding in rain. I won't have a say in it. SOOOOO, I put on my new rain jacket, popped my cell phone into a pocket, turned on the ipod and away I went. 18.5 miles later and I was home. It didn't rain or anything on me. All was good. My legs actually felt find also! I probably would have gone further, but I had given a time that I would be home so that my husband and I could run some errands, and that time was drawing nigh.

SOooo....I got brave thinking a little rain couldn't hurt me!!! Whew...was I wrong. You see, shortly after I got back it did start to rain....and then it started to hail! A LOT! Thank heavens I wasn't out on my bike during that hail storm!!!

Yesterday evening I made food for tonight. We are having company (and they will be here at 6:30....and I don't get off of work until shortly after 6~~we close at how ever long it takes us to close up and balance our drawers). SO I made lasagna and prepared stuff for a salad. I also made tortilla dessert cups. They as so good and actually somewhat not too bad for me. :-) So I sit here now...the house is clean, the table is set and I'll be leaving for work soon!


WWSuzi said...

Wowsa's good job you weren't outside when that happened!!

VRaz60 said...

Suzi's right, it's a good thing you weren't out riding in that storm. Bravo! On the pre-planning for dinner. Really great planning on your part.

As for the shoulder exercises, I couldn't find them online at Cooking Light, but they are in the current issue of the magazine. There are only 3 exercises, one for the trapezious, one for the deltoid, and one for the rotator cuff. I'm doing all three, only been at it 2 days, so I don't know if they are working yet.

JC said...

OMG, you are so blessed to have gotten inside before the storm. You are so smart!! I would not have thought about pre-planning must let pre-making dinner on a work day. Have a great evening.

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

18.5 miles, Awesome job! Good job avoiding the hail.

Emmett said...

Good thing you missed the hail.