Monday, March 09, 2009


I'm not sure if I need to calculate this past weekend as a success or as a failure with my eating. I made the best choices that I could. We ate out diners! Now lets think about diner food. On Friday night, I had a turkey wrap (no cheese), a salad and soup. My points for the day, iffy...guessing on the points becuase..well restaurant, I have no clue. But I feel as if I probably went over by 2 points. Yesterday we went to another diner for lunch. I had a turkey sub (no cheese), a salad and a side of green beans. (both turkey sandwiches were PILED high with the veggies). I calculated/guesstimated my points to the best of my ability and went on. I did eat a ligher dinner last night, trying to compensate for my lunch. But alas, this morning I kept hitting the snooze (gotta get used to the new time) and I was rushing around and didn't weigh myself ....shucks. So I don't know where I stand. I will say that while I worry about my weight after this weekend. I'm happy with my choices. I felt totally satisfied with the food that I ate at these diners. AND I thoroughly enjoyed the company and fellowship that was there. So I'm satisfied.

The challenge will come tonight. I can be a bit of a closet eater. I know that I have a tendency to struggle on the nights that Todd is not there and that I'm 'eating dinner alone." It's soooo easy to slip food onto my plate. To snitch extras. Sometimes I go into the kitchen with a clear cut plan and it falls apart when i actually see the food. It's crazy! SOOO anywy, the challenge will be that Todd will not be at home this evening. I'll be home alone...eating alone. I've actually got a healthy amount of points left after my breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was an egg and cheese sandwich....5 points and Lunch was boccoli and cheese (1point) and corn (2 point), strawberries (1 point) and pineappe (1 point). So at my current weight, that leaves me 15 points left. That is pretty healthy. So as long as I can hold it under control I'll be ok.

Training. Yesterday I took the day off. I woke up and before I even got out of bed my legs felt heavy. I made it through the day but it just wasn't happening. I'm planning on getting in some kind of ride (be it exercise bike, outdoor or a spin class) tonight. I've added something to my exercise journal. (Yes, I keep a 3 ring binder that has a record of my exercise going back quite a ways....I also have my training plan and spreadsheet for this training in there also). Anyway, I'm adding something. I'm writing on each day how my legs feel. I'm curious. Does the 'weighted affect' in my legs change according to how much I rode previous days? It's all very intriguing to me. So, I've decided to start watching to see what in the world my body does and how it responds. I can even tie it into my food...maybe my food had something to do with my dead legs. Hmmmmm


SeaShore said...

You say "diner", I think "hot turkey & fries". You did really well with your choices!

Good luck tonight.

WWSuzi said...

I agree you did very well for the options you had in a diner!
And i love trying to figure out the way my body works or deals with things :)