Friday, February 06, 2009


When I was losing lots of my weight I had little 'scenarios' that i would play out in my head. Scenes where I would be my thin svelte new self. OK, maybe not svelte...but definitely thinner than when I started. The scenarios changed...but they were all the basic same and centered around one or two concepts. I played them over and over again in my mind. They were what my mind focused on when I was resisting the temptation to eat and binge. I hit rewind and watched them over and over again in my mind during the hours in the gym or on the bike, or in front of the TV while I worked along with an exercise video. They kept me going.

Late last week it came to me that those scenarios actually were played out in real life this past summer. I was happy with the real life results...but I lost my visualizing technique. I mean, it doesn't spur you onward to resist temptation or to exercise harder to visualize yourself in a situation once it has already played out! I mean, it may work once or twice, but after that....well it just doesn't cut it.

Soooo...I have my new visualizing scenario to think about. Next year will be my 20 year high school reunion. Yep, I graduated from high school in 1990. AND since I took a year off between high school and college (it was a great year of being a bum....OK, I wasn't a total bum, I worked as a nanny) I graduated from college in 1995...which puts next year at my 15 year for college. Well...I haven't seen any of my friends from high school since graduation. I talk to some via email...but the last time they saw me I was a size 20.....pushing 22. Hmmmmm. Isn't it also ironic that I've set a reward of a trip to the place of my choice for my big goal...the biggie...the "I'm the lowest I want to be...I've reached my head that's 150...but the doctor said that 160 would probably be my whichever). I was thinking about the Caribbean...but then I switched it to a week at Disney World, because I hadn't been there since we lived in FL.....19 years ago. Sooooo wow, I can combine my reward trip with a reunion....and I can visualize seeing people from high school looking hot and svelte! (or as near as I can get with this body that I abused for so long). (the college reunion will be in if I go to that it will be a visit with my brother and his family).

Meanwhile.......I got brave and stepped onto the scales this morning. I was quite nervous. I mean, I ate horribly over the weekend! The last time I weighed I was already over the 200 pound mark (201.6) so I was just sure that it was going to be horrid! I gained one pound. I'm now 202.6. I'm disgusted by that....but yet elated that the damage was not worse. To be honest, I was thinking that I was going to see 208 or 210.

So far so good today. I have resisted ordering subs with my co-workers. One gal brought in some kind of apple turnover/tart thingy. They look scrumptious! I have resisted! I'm visualizing!


Donna B said...

Great post!
I love your ideas of visualizing and will have to keep them in mind. I am some what comfortable where I am right now even though I still have 17#'s to lose to my goal. I think I need to buy something I LOVE in my goal size and strive to fit in it so I can get past this "comfortable" stage. Keep up the good work!

Deborah said...

That's a great idea to have visual scenarios to keep from caving in on the food.

You are going to be so svelt and healthy for the reunions. I just know it!

JC said...

I forgot who but someone made a vision board for her refrig. I thought that was a great idea. I have a couple of pictures from WW magazine on mine of women about my age and height who started out close to my weight who are now lifetime. I look at them and think if they can do it, I can and I will.

Wow, those people at your reunion will not know who you are. Go ahead an shop for something the svelte you would wear. Maybe some hot shoes or the perfect dress. Visualize yourself going to the reunion. Oh my, I'm doing some visualizing of my own. Bye now.