Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Reporting in!

Got home from work yesterday and todd's first words (ok, maybe not his first words) were 'Lets go to the gym." Now I just felt blah and lackluster. But i went. Afterall...it's a good thing. Ohhh my...it was NOT a good workout. I couldn't get myself moving. I felt like I was dragging. It was not good. But I pushed through 60 minutes of exercise.

This morning I awoke and saw about an inch of fresh snow. I made todd's coffee and made us a healthy breakfast and off we went. We walked on the battlefield for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Nice activity....especially since I was planning today off from formal exercise!

Why am I taking a day off? Well, at first I thought that the pain in my arm was due to my expending and using muscles harder than I usually do. But I'm starting to wonder now. The other arm is no longer sore while my left arm seems to be getting worse! It's up near my shoulder....it aches just sitting here at my desk at work, not to mention moving it! It hurts if I lay on my left side, with that arm under me. So I'm thinking this is not a sore muscle thing. But, without health insurance...well I'll be praying for it to heal!

Bad foods in the house???? Gone! They have been thrown away, dumped down the drain and eradicated!

Now it's just back to healthy eating and trying to get myself back on track and losing!

Nope, I haven't been brave enough to face the scales!


Deborah said...

I'm impressed!! 60 minutes at the gym when you don't feel like it is a real accomplishment. Way to go. Glad all the temptations are gone. That will make life a whole lot easier.

Hope the shoulder is better soon.

Anonymous said...

You give me inspiration. It is so hard to be motivated to go to the gym after work. Being over 50 I try very hard to get out an do some sort of exercise, but I'm not that faithful. And yet, it's so important. Stay motivated in your weight loss. Motivation is the key for weight loss and exercising. Thanks for your blog.

Sabs said...

You should get your shoulder looked at.

And get on the scale!!!

JC said...

I'll be standing in agreement with you for the healing of your shoulder. I'm proud of you for getting the bad foods out of your house. You Rock!!

Teresa said...

Good for you getting rid of the junk. After Super Bowl, I need to clean out my fridge. NO ONE took anything home. UGH! Glad you pushed through your workout, I need to do that too.

new*me said...

way to go on the exercise front!!! I need to step things up in that dept.....I always get so inspired by the BL contestants.......I'm thinking.......look at what they DO and they are heavier than me!

Big Girl said...

Good for you for going and pushing through it. Nice also that you have a partner that is sharing this journey with you.

SeaShore said...

Hope your shoulder improves quickly.

Good for you for ditching the tempting bad foods! That's hard to do.