Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's a girl to do?

This morning, I woke up early and ditched out on the exercise. I figured that I have all afternoon and evening...I can exercise then. Boy am I glad that I made that decision. YOu see, right about the time that I would have been finished my workout...all sweaty and icky and heading for the shower to get ready to go to work....the power went out. We live in the country without electricity, the pump doesn't run to draw water from the well! So not only was it was also cold...and I had no water! I'm here at hair is...well......not exactly pretty looking. I did bring my toothbrush with me so that I could brush my teeth. (it's amazing that if your teeth are clean you feel somewhat human).

Breakfast in such conditions..... why we didn't have much of a choice. You see, we live in a dinky little town. Our choices to eat are Benders Bar. Petes Tavern....both of which obviously not the choice for breakfast as they are closed at that time in the morning. Lets see we have an ice cream shop...doesn't open until 1PM (ice cream for breakfast DOES sound good though..tee hee hee). We have one gas station....but on the weekends they do not have breakfast sandwiches....only on week days. And a little local convience store place....greasy food grill place. Woo hoooo! Time was of the essence as I did have to be at work by 7:30-7:45. Convience store greasy food here I come. My choices.......well...I could have had a bacon egg cheese.....chipped beef gravy.....sausage health food abounded. I looked and they did have bananas....but they were very spotted and quite brown...NOPE. SOOOOOO I didn't eat as healthy as I should have....but I really had no choice. Kind of difficult to have breakfast with no way to heat way to make nothing. Yeah, I could have had cold cereal...except...I don't like cold cereal...PLUS cold cereal leaves me hungry the rest of the morning.

I don't know what the plans for the rest of the day hold. Todd and I may be going out to lunch. (that depends on the electricity issue of course). I hope to pick up my bike from the shop (it's done). While we are in town, we want to run to Target. And mom and dad called last night and we may hook up with them for dinner. If the power is still out...we'll be packing up the kitties and carting them to my parents house. :-) There may be a gym visit in there somewhere also. :-)


Donna B said...

Oh No!
Hope by the time you rad this the electricity is back on! I remember those days when I lived at home with my parents and the lines went down. It is COLD here even with the heat, so I plan to hop on my bike to warm up! You did the best you could with breakfast. Keep up the good work!

Brightcetera said...

Oh gees, bad timing, eh? That is such a pain when that happens.
Hopefully it's back on soon!

Deborah said...

Wise choice not to exercise this morning.

I know what you mean about being without power. I also have a well and it's not much fun. I get realy tired of peanut butter sandwiches when my power goes out. I bought a couple of those little sterno cans a couple of years ago and can now heat water and soup on them. And I always keep 2 gallons of flushing water in the bathroom and 2 gallons of drinking and cooking water in the kitchen for just such occasions.

Sabs said...

These emergency times are the real tests of our dedication to eating healthy. I am sure you chose the healthiest option available.

SeaShore said...

Wow, I hope you aren't in one of the deep freeze areas. Take care.