Thursday, January 29, 2009


Last night I was lounging around playing on the laptop while my husband played a video game. I was nosing around on Facebook, looking for old friends. All of a sudden I saw something that made me super excited. On the left of my screen was the option to become a fan of Krumpe's Donuts! Ohhhh my word. Krumpe's is something that was always synonymous with Hagerstown while growing up. We would come back to visit family (when we no longer lived in the area) and we would have a short list of places to go to and things to do. One of them was Krumpe's Donuts! They are a little locally owned shop (located in an alley) in Hagerstown. They open up sometime in the later part of the evening (8 maybe) and they sell their donuts hot out of the fryers. (You can also get them at some local stores in the H-town area). There is nothing better than a not donut straight from the fryer.

I haven't had a krumpe donut in AGES! It would have to be probably more than 3 years. Definitely not since I got serious about losing weight!

As I exulted about the fact that I was a fan of krumpe's donuts my husband just looked over at me with a confused look on his face. He asked why I was so excited, we don't get them's a thing of the past. And it made me start to think. Deep down, the past is still there. Ohhh I can say I'm a changed girl. But deep down, those old tendencies are still deeply embedded.

So am I still a fan of Krumpe's Donuts on facebook? Absolutely! (and if I can be a fan of some of the other locally owned food places that hold special memories for me, I'll join them also) Is it going to make me run out to get a donut? Absolutely NOT! I'm going to keep it there as a memory.....and honestly a testament to the 300+ pound girl that I used to be. (OK, and I like to support locally owned businesses.....)

Yesterday I was able to stay away from mindless eating (binging) in the evening. Tonight will be the real test as my husband will be at the studio from about 6:30 until 11 or 12. I'll be home by myself......and ohhh it's so much easier to binge eat when no-one is there to catch you!


Donna B said...

Understand completely!
THe other day all I could think about was all The Manhattan Bagels I use to eat, almsot EVERY morning before I opened our store. Still think about them, but think more about the calories in them, and then head for a cup of hot green peppermint tea and some Wasa crispbread. YUMMMMM
Keep up the good work!

Teresa said...

The old you will always lurk in the background, but that's where she'll stay. Memories are great, you can enjoy that memory without the extra calories. I miss all mexican foods, I can't stop once I get started, so I don't eat it.

SeaShore said...

I understand about being home alone. I'm a sneak eater myself, and sometimes I have an impulse to eat something "bad" as soon as my husband is out the door. Like a reflex action.

However, and this is what I keep reminding myself, you can't hide the food you've eaten on the sly from your own body. Those calories and saturated fats and sugars are inside of you, doing their damage, whether someone else knows or not.

Congrats for yesterday & good luck tonight!

Diana Swallow said...

I loved this post! It just shows you can change for the better without letting go of what made you who you are. Thank you!

Deborah said...

Warm donuts!!! YUMMMMMMMM... I haven't had one in over 5 years.

Glad the binging worked for you yesterday. Hope tonight is just as successful.

Big Girl said...

maybe if you just go to bed at 630 when your husband leaves you won't be tempted to binge =)

good luck tonight!

Donnalouise said...

I've never heard of Krumpe donoughts but they sound good. I know what you mean about still having your old tendencies inside...I do! Anyone with a weight issue or self-esteem issue I believe does. But I say be a fan!!! And see, if didn't make you binge.

I'm terrible at night when I'm home alone. I'll mix brownie powder with water and eat it just like that!

JC said...

I haven't heard of those donuts for me it is Krispy Kreme. YUM. Haven't had one in at least two years. I'm loving my microwave popcorn popper I got for a buck at a yard sale. A spray of Pam and a dusting of garlic power and I'm in munching heaven. Even on Isagenix, I still need my evening popcorn.